Pray without Ceasing for Mattie


Mattie Medical Update…. Stable night, lowered epinephrine to .01, should be off today, lowered oscillator settings some too (hertz down from 8 to 6, map down from 28 to 26, oxygen down to 40%), he is incredibly swollen and they are going to try diuretics now, which they couldn’t before. The goal is to get him on the regular ventilator so that they can do a ct-scan and possibly a bronchogram to determine what the pocket in his left lung is. His WBC is down from 56 to 47.5 (normal is 5-10).

Whatever is in the pocket in his lungs is not good. We need a miracle. Pray specifically for infection to go and for there to be no damage left behind! pray for complete restoration of his lungs!


Pray that Mattie would be a sign and a wonder. A testimony to the goodness of God in the land of the living. That it would be on earth as it is in heaven. Mattie has work to do. He has lives to tough. Words to speak.


We are thank full for friends near and far. For those who can pray by his bedside like my precious friend Susan. And for you, from all over the world, praying in your car, on your bed at night, during your family devotions. We are so blessed by your covering of our family.


We need you. All of you.


John and I need your prayers. Our children at home need your prayers. Mattie needs your prayers.

I am grateful to my friend Dorean for sharing on the blog yesterday some practical ways to help as well. There is a donate button to the right of the blog in the sidebar and yesterday’s post has information about other ways to help.


9 thoughts on “Pray without Ceasing for Mattie

  1. Tracie, John, Mattie and kids! We are praying for little Mattie! He is so special to our hearts and hope that he makes a quick recovery! I know the power of God will not let you down and we are praying for his healing hand to touch Mattie each day and make him happy healthy and whole again! We Love you guys and thinking of you all! Ross Rbekah and I send our Love and prayers.

    Shawn, Rebekah and little Ross Bateman

  2. We continue to pray. Not just a normal prayer, but a cry out to the Father of Healing! We believe! What a gift your son is! What a treasure to so many! Thanks for sharing your amazing boy with us!

  3. Praying in High Point, NC
    Can’t get the pin map to work for me,
    but I wanted to let you know I will
    pray for Mattie…
    Love from NC

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