Mattie Needs a Miracle

I have withheld the severity of Mattie’s most recent illness until we were able to talk with our older children face to face this morning. Last night was the worst night we have ever faced with Mattie. He became ill suddenly on Thursday night and went down hill with puzzling symptoms throughout the day Friday.

By Friday evening we were needing to increase vent settings at home and had him on the highest level of oxygen possible, his lungs started bleeding. We rushed him to the ER around 7PM. He was quickly transferred up to the PICU where even on the hospital ventilator, they weren’t able to get his oxygen saturation to go up.

As they continued to adjust settings, he crashed. And like a bad movie was taking place before our eyes, they resuscitated him and did chest compressions. This happened 4 times last night while they worked to put in central lines, arterial lines, giving life saving medications, and transfer him to an oscillating ventilator. He has bacterial pneumonia and is septic. He is as stable as is possible at the moment, yet critically ill.

Mattie needs a miracle. We need you to surround us. Pleas pray for us, our son, our other children, and for the medical team supporting our son.

We are clinging to the One who saves and delivers.


18 thoughts on “Mattie Needs a Miracle

  1. Was up last night and started praying for Mattie, his lungs, and all of you. Tracie and John, keep us posted, stay in the loop, but KNOW with peace in your hearts that our loving Father quickens intercessors at all hours of the day and night.
    Love, blessings, and big long hugs to you all.

  2. Praying for all of you and believing with you for Mattie’s healing. Love and prayers. .

  3. What a beautiful family you are. Praying for Mattie as I read this. What a calling. What a life of love. Praying for God’s healing and peace to encompass your family right now, in Jesus name.

  4. We are praying praying praying here in the Ukraine. May God’s Hand of healing be on sweet Mattie, ridding his body of all infection, virus. We are begging and pleading on your behalf.

  5. Praying. I am so sorry but I pray that you find comfort and peace. My friends son also has a trach, needs oxygen and has conditions similar to Mattie’s. he had several open heart surgeries before he was yet several months old. He crashed and the doctor, though it pained him to do it, decided he’d need another one as the risk of surgery was still better than the chances he had without it.

    The day of the surgery as they were preparing to take him back, they ran a few more tests. They found that the cardiac issue they would be correcting with surgery was in fact corrected – surgery was not needed.

    Our God can move the immovable and cure the incurable. He doesn’t just work through the possible and the reasonable, he parts the waters of the seas. He performs where our mind and reason stops.

    I am praying for an ‘impossible’ miracle for Mattie. And for comfort and peace for your wonderful family


  6. Oh Tracie….can not believe what I read….PRAYING!!! Crying out loud to the SAVIOUR for HEALING, for LIFE, for a MIRACLE for your beloved Mattie-Boy!!!
    PRAYING for ALL of you!!! For PEACE for STRENGTH for an ARMY OF ANGELS, for EVERYTHING you need now!!!
    Take my hugs and Love, Christina

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