Mother’s Day is for Mothers



Mother’s Day is for mothers.

I am one. And for Mother’s Day, I got to be a mother.

The more I type the word “mother,” the weirder it looks.

Maybe that’s why everyone says: Mom, Mommy, or Momma.

But I digress. 

Mother’s Day started for me on Saturday. I mean, after all, why shouldn’t you be celebrated the WHOLE weekend long!



First let me mention that Mattie is in the hospital yet again. This time with H-flu. (Good news, he’s doing much better, Bad news, well the hospital is just bad news.)

Saturday morning John left bright and early for a concert that he bought tickets to ages ago. (With my smiley-faced blessing I might add.)

As soon as I got the littles down for some quiet time (two of them had pretty snotty noses and coughs), and Isabelle snug in my bed for a nap (she had been complaining of an upset stomach), I left to spend a few hours with Mattie.

I got home in time to get them all dinner and ready for bed. As we finished dinner, I decided that I needed to have Emma and Aiden checked over at Urgent Care. (Especially considering Mattie had just been diagnosed with H-flu).

I loaded them up at 7PM, and did the whole Urgent Care thing. (Pretty much just viral, but Emma did have an ear infection.)

At 8AM I texted John, “Hey, how’s it going?”

His response, “I’m throwing up.”

Not good. I called him. He was so ill that he was literally in the truck in the parking garage laying on the seat unable to even drive.

So I loaded up Aiden and Emma from Urgent Care and drove 30 minutes to pick John up and bring him home.

The whole way there,  I answered an endless stream of question: What’s wrong with Daddy? Why? Where are we going? Why? Why is he sick? We’re not going home? Why? Is it bedtime? Why are we going on this road? Why?

I picked John up and took them all home.

By 9PM, I help roll John’s carcass into bed, got him some ginger ale, and had tucked the Little snug in their beds.

I went to check on Isabelle, she was burning up with a fever and holding her right side, complaining that she couldn’t even move because the pain was so bad.

I reached down to my right side and felt the scar where I my appendectomy had been, and I promptly loaded her up and took her to the emergency room.



We spend the next 8 hours in the ER, while various texts were done. Thankfully it was not her appendix and the pain began to subside by morning.

The ER doc informed me that 60% of all abdominal pain that comes into the ER is never diagnosed.

I rolled into bed on Mother’s Day at 6:15AM, grateful that whatever evil food poisoning had overtaken my husband earlier seemed to have left his body.

I stayed in the bed for the next 6 hours, and then kind of drug myself around the rest of the day.

I sat in a lawn chair. Emma asked, “What are you doing?  I said, “Sitting in a lawn chair.” She said, “What are you doing?” (Apparently, I don’t sit doing nothing very much.)

Taylor painted this beautiful card for me.


This is a gift from Nick and Amy!
I ended my day here in front of the fire.

John is adamant that I will get a “do-over” Mother’s Day.

I’m fine with that, but really I was ok with it the way it was, just being the Mom.

It’s who I am.




3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is for Mothers

  1. Our Mother’s Day was also spent partially with our 6 YR old at a walk-in clinic for an infection in his “willy.”

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