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I Don’t Love All of My Children the Same…. and neither should you!

I understand the “idea” that you should love your children equally or the same.

But I don’t.

I shouldn’t.

I need to love each of my children uniquely.

They are all unique.

Their needs are different. Their hearts are different. The way the process life is different.

The need to be loved according to their unique differences!



Nicholas is a deep thinker, verbal processor and gifted artist/musician.

He needs time. He needs to be heard and understood. He needs to feel known.

He needs time to stop for heart to heart love. Touch, words, and eyes that listen.

That is how I have learned to love my son.

In my fast paced life and my go-for-it mentality, as a mom, this young man has taught me to slow down, sit close and listen.



Taylor is a quiet, thoughtful, creative genius with a brilliant sense of humor.

Taylor needs to be sought out. To be found. He needs quiet closeness.

He needs to just be. He needs me to love by being.

He needs the stillness of time in slow motion.

I have learned to love through thoughtful gestures, simple touches, fewer words and more action.

He has taught me to notice the small things that have deep meaning.



Isabelle is graceful, courageous and strong. She lives life loud and full.

Words flow like honey with passionate gestures and wit. She loves to laugh. She feels.

She needs love that pours back, speaks loud, gives extravagantly.

She needs me to drop everything and listen and laugh through love.

She needs love on the go. Love that explores, moves, and weaves in and out of life.

She has taught me that love needs to be fun.



This kid is tender, kind and funny. He is strong willed and stubborn.

Aiden needs love that understands. Love that sees beyond the surface.

Love that remembers that loss sits deep in the soul and comes out angry some days.

Love that can see fear and hold on tight until peace comes.

He has taught me that love comes close and calms fear.



Emma is strong and bold. Fearless and terrified. Laughter and joy, that fades into fear and pain.

She needs love that breaks in and bares the pain.

She needs love that understands that anger is really fear, rage is really pain unspoken.

She needs love that laughs loud and gets crazy, because wild, crazy love drives out fear.

She has taught me that love can’t be shaken. That love needs to be true and real and go deep.



Elia is independent and strong, yet she needs deeply. Lovely and kind. She holds life close and feels it passionately.

She needs to feel special, like she is one of a kind. She needs to feel like she stands out in a crowd.

She needs love to notice and respond.

She needs love that says loudly, “You are beautiful and cherished and you stir my heart!”

She has taught me that love needs to squeeze hard, cuddle close and bring peace.



Matthias is kind and brave. Strong and tender. He loves with his heart and gives with his eyes.

He needs love to remind him that he is valiant. Love that cheers him on.

He needs love to call out destiny and believe in its fulfillment.

He needs love that holds him close, cares for his needs with understanding and hope.

He has taught me that true love whispers truth, full of faith and hope.


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Love All of My Children the Same…. and neither should you!

  1. Beautiful words from a mother who LISTENS, LEARNS and ACTS on what she has heard and learned! (((HUGS)))

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