COMING SOON “Mattie Breathes”


We’ve been busy writing and Mattie’s book is almost ready for printing!

“Mattie Breathes” was written to help educate families about life with a tracheostomy, and to show the amazing quality of life and true joy that children living with a tracheostomy can have. I will also be a tool to help medical professionals and educators prepare patients and families for life with a tracheostomy.

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We are currently in the fundraising stage and have several fundraisers in the works to help finances the cost of printing books.

The first one is up and running and orders placed by tomorrow will arrive in time for Mother’s Day!

Stay tuned for an amazing T-shirt fundraiser next week!

“Don’t Forget To Breathe” necklaces can be ordered at Jubilee’s Jewels.



This phrase “Don’t Forget To Breathe” has been one I have repeated to myself over and over as I have walked this journey with my sweet Mattie. It has been a daily reminder that in the midst of stress, pain, and sickness, strength comes through quieting ones heart and breathing in the very life and breath of God Himself.


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