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This kid was ready to go HOME! And FINALLY on Friday we were able to bring him HOME where he belongs.


This little lady, helped us load him up and bring him home! She was pretty proud.


Home is amazing. Home if safe and warm and full of love.


Home is where sisters play with brothers.


Home is where you get brother hugs every morning.


Home is where biggest sister snuggles you in tight.


Home is where you take naps with Momma.


Home is where Mommy and Daddy don’t have to take turns. They get to squeeze me together.


Home is where my heart can sing and the melody of my life is sweet and pure and rich.

Home is best.

8 thoughts on “H.O.M.E.

  1. Oh YES: HOME IS BEST!!! PRAISING GOD!!! sooooooooooo WONDERFUL to see MATTIE HOME surrounded by his GREAT and AWESOME FAMILY

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