Shake it Up Baby!


“Well, shake it up, baby, now, (shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout. (twist and shout)
Cmon, cmon, cmon, cmon, baby, now, (come on baby)
Come on and work it all out. (work it all out, oooh!)”

Twist and Shout- The Beatles


We’re getting kind of mischievous and we’re ready to shake it out of this place.


We have a few more steps to take, getting back on his home ventilator and being stable is the big one; but we are ready to go home.

For real, the kid was getting kinda ornery today, making THIS face at everyone.


Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Quit looking at me and telling me I’m cute, and let me go home!

(We’re praying and believing we can get this kiddo home by Friday. Pray with us!)


8 thoughts on “Shake it Up Baby!

  1. OH, he looks sooooooooooo much better – Thank you, Jesus! Kiss Mattie’s sweet head for me. : )

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