This Has a Happy Ending…

I have not shared all of our journey this month publicly. Now it’s time.
Before I start though, please know, this story has a happy ending.

February 22nd, Mattie was admitted for RSV and viral pneumonia. We survived a 12 day hospital stay.

March 6th, we went home.

March 7th, Mattie woke up with a rash from head to toe. Looked like Fifths disease to me. We watched and wait and he got worse.

March 11th, we took a trip to the ER and were sent home. They said it was a virus.

March 12th, we took Mattie to his primary care doctor, who promptly admitted Mattie with full blown sepsis, an infection running through his entire blood stream. He was very sick.

He looked like this….


A few days later like this…


It was terrifying.
We prayed. You prayed.

I sat on a stone, and uttered, “God help,” over and over.

He started to slowly improve.
But things weren’t right. There was no clear answer to why Mattie was so sick. No cultures or blood tests showed any concrete sign of virus or bacteria.


As he recovered, his white blood cells pummeled to nothing. His overall WBC count was .38 (should be 7-10). He had zero neutrophils. And his platelet count was dropping rapidly.

The word “cancer” was thrown around loosely on daily rounds. After pinning the doctor down for a more thorough explanation, we were told it was at the bottom of their list.

Days passed and this past Thursday, they decided to do a ctscan to see if they could see any cause for infection that they hadn’t been able to detect through other means.

The doctor rolled up later in the day. I was alone at the time. He proceeded with serious tone to share with me, and show me, that lymph nodes throughout Mattie’s entire body were enlarged. At the time, because virus and bacteria had no shown up, he told me that they had to consider the possibility of lymphoma or leukemia.

My legs turned to jello and I wanted to throw up. A thousand things rushed through my brain as the blood rushed to my head. I held on to the counter. I texted John, who told me he was on his way down, so I told him nothing. Waiting until he arrived.

John saw my face. I said the words.

The doctor returned and told us that they highly suspected cancer and that it had now moved from the bottom of their list to the top.

Shock. My body responded the same way my heart had.

We shared with our three oldest kids, our immediate family and closest friends. We were surrounded. My dad and my sister flew out to support and help and love.

This past Friday, Mattie had a lymph node biopsy from his neck and a bone marrow sample taken from his hip.

They prepared us that we might have some preliminary results on Saturday, but more than likely, it would be Monday.

In my heart, I clung to what was true. Jesus loves me.
In my mind, I battled fear and doubt.

Good Friday. My Jesus bore it all. Pain, sin, sickness, and disease.
“Let it be on earth as it is in heaven,” a dear friend reminded me to pray.

Saturday, no word… The sample didn’t have enough cells for the preliminary results. We had to wait til Monday for the bone marrow results. Wait til MONDAY?

Sunday, he conquered sin and death.
I wrote “fear of death” on a tiny piece of white paper and nailed it to the cross.


Easter Sunday, how could we not celebrate the resurrection power of our One and Only hope.

For the first time, they lifted the sibling ban due to flu and RSV season and allowed the younger kids to come see their brother. He was overjoyed to see them!


Our boy was weak and sick. He had been running high fevers for a week with no relief. We prayed for mercy. I asked God not to include “cancer” in Mattie’s story. My weak heart vacillated between faith and fear.


Monday came. Nothing, no results.
More waiting.

Tuesday came.
Mattie was starting to look better and act more like himself.
His WBC went up a tiny bit.

We got a smile and heard the words, “Mattie does NOT have leukemia.”
And then we waited some more.
The lymph node biopsy was not finished.


The kids came with Papa last night. He anointed Mattie with oil that was made and prayed over my my mother.


Today we heard the words,”It is not lymphoma. Mattie does NOT HAVE CANCER!”

On earth as it is in heaven.
We rejoice.

Mattie’s WBC count has nearly tripled, and his lymph node biopsy shows that he is indeed fighting and infection. What? We still don’t know.

But our son does NOT have cancer, and he is acting like his handsome, charming, funny self.
So REJOICE with us.

And thank you beyond words for praying, giving, and loving us through, even if you didn’t know the whole story.

It has a happy ending!


24 thoughts on “This Has a Happy Ending…

  1. THANK GOD things have turned around for
    BEAUTIFUL baby Mattie ~ He is TRULY BLESSED to have such a wonderful, loving caring family. Sending more prayers to you all ❤ xoxoxo

    My son Brandon has down syndrome and autism and is 14 years old. He had RSV when he was 5 months old and almost lost him. It is soooo SCAREY so I can truly relate to what you were all going through. I know our situation wasn't nearly as serious as yours, but I am sooooo HAPPY that this story has a HAPPY ending. Hugs and kisses to Precious Mattie…

  2. WOW OH WOW!!!!!!! REJOICING WITH YOU!!!! Crying, but rejoicing with you all that God has spared Mattie and that he is HEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is one happy ending!!!

  3. Thanks be to God for Mattie’s recovery.And for your strength I am so happy for you and Will continue to pray for Mattie and all of you.

  4. Tracie,

    We are so happy that Mattie is doing much better! Through the grace of God your prayers and all of Mattie’s friend have been answered! I am so relieved and have been following your posts hoping praying that he would be healed! Just now reading your story…it brought me to tears of joy to see you finally got answers and Mattie was going to be ok! Bless you and your wonderful family! Give Mattie a big kiss from us all! Shawn, Rebekah and Ross Bateman.

  5. Tears!! Rejoicing alongside you! I love watching our Heavenly Father’s work, presence and faithfulness in Mattie’s life!

  6. Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!! What a poignant time for such a HUGE answer to prayers.

  7. Oh Tracie, what a journey. Yay for happy endings! The kids and I at the CEC in Winnipeg Canada have been praying for Mattie for weeks. I keep meaning to take a picture to send to Mattie but I sadly keep forgetting. But we have not forgotten to pray. They prayed for Richy and were so excited to see him get healed, this will be another testimony for them! And for Mattie! Imagine what his testimony will be! And of course already is. I love you all very much. Love, Pam

  8. Tears of joy for your blessings! Thank God for all he is blessing you with & he knows you deserve it!! I’ve been following up with Judy but I graduated with Ann. God Bless You & your Family!

  9. I am so GLAD…I have been following and praying though I have never actually posted a comment….I am so happy for you all….: )))

  10. So happy that I was brought to tears! So thankful for the healing of Jehovah Rapha. Tracie, thank you for the ability to be real and allowing me to be so encouraged by the strength and peace of God in your life. Blessings to you and your beautiful family!
    The McInturffs

  11. Hi, I am just a passer by via Carolyn Twietmeyre, and I am no Dr however, my son (20 months) just had a bout of super sickness and after his fever for a week he was about to be diagnosed with kawasaki, but miraculously got better. We all still think he had kawasaki. It is basically an auto-immune disease that when no other tests come back positive and its a weird slew of symptoms then thats the diagnosis. there is not test to test for it. Alot of what you described in this post sounds exactly like the symptoms. maybe they ruled this out, or maybe they overlooked it. just thought i would share, because my pediatrician told me it gets under diagnosed alot. SO THANKFUL Mattie is getting better!

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