Pleading and Declaring



I have spend my days pleading for my son’s life and declaring that the days ahead are full of life and joy!

I am contending for a life that has value and purpose and a destiny beyond what my own heart can imagine.

I pray Psalm 91 and Psalm 139 over his life daily, inserting his name in each passage.

My faith is truly like a mustard seed, but I am surrounded by 100’s if not 1000’s who are praying and believing with us, with our family, lifting our arms when we are weak.

He who promised is FAITHFUL. He has shown me time and time again.


His immeasurable love is my support. He lifts me when I fall.

He is the only one who brings comfort and joy in the midst of my anxiety.

Tonight we see glimmers of hope. Slight changes.

After days at the hospital, John sent me home to rest, get some fresh air, some sunlight and spend some time with my children at home.

We picked him up for dinner tonight, and he is headed back down tonight to take the night shift so I can sleep in my bed tonight, and make pancakes for some precious children in the morning.

On the way home we got a phone call reporting that Mattie is looking a little better after getting a heavy dose of steroid treatment, peeing quite a bit, and have a large amount of fluid drained out of his abdomen.

I cried.

There are no words that could ever express what it feels like to see a child, who has taken your heart completely, in this kind of trauma. No words at all.

It is affecting us all. The worry. The fear. The stress. We lean on Jesus, but we are human and are hearts are so easily swayed by what we see and what we do not know.

Tonight, I’m asking you to keep praying for Mattie of course, but to pray for us. Our heart. And especially the hearts of Mattie’s brothers and sisters.


This child loves his brother, his “Buddy”, more than I can fully explain to you. They are connected deeply, inseparable.

Aiden’s heart is hurting so badly. He cries multiple times and day for his “Buddy”.


As I close I must thank you all….

Thank you for praying.

For giving.

For all the comments and messages here and on Facebook. 

Texts and phone calls. Even the ones I cannot answer bring strength. 

Today I was informed that a very precious group of people (you know who you are) have banded together to provide a nanny for us for a few days next week during spring break. Not only a nanny, but money to do fun things with the kids and give them  time to be kids and have fun. 

Many of you have donated to our account on this blog and I am SO THANKFUL and simply BLOWN AWAY at the love and support. Your gift allows us to function with less stress regarding the practicals like increased gas budget with travel, feeding kids on the go, and hospital life in general. We feel so loved and cared for. 

We feel Jesus in your words, your actions, and your gifts. 

Thank you.





5 thoughts on “Pleading and Declaring

  1. My heart goes out to you! I was asking The Lord on your behalf this morning, and suddenly this song came to me….. Worth It All! Here are the words…..I don’t understand Your ways, Oh but I will give You my song, Give You all my praise, You hold on to all my pain, with it You are pulling me closer, and pulling me into Your ways. Now around every corner, and up every mountain, I’m not looking for crowns or the water from fountains. I’m desperate in seeking, frantic believing, that the sight of Your face is all that I need, I will say to You…it’s gonna be worth it, it’s gonna be worth it, it’s gonna be worth it all, I believe this.

    Our All-Sufficient God holds Mattie in His hand! Our All-Embracing Father holds you in His arms!


  2. Mustard seed faith. I wonder what a mountain of mustard seeds will do. So many are praying for your sweet Mattie.

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