Mattie needs all the continued prayer support he can get. He is suffering from an infection that has wreaked havoc on his body. He is currently sedated/paralyzed with medication to allow his body to heal. We need some concrete answers today, and I would love to see some sign of improvement. Pray for his blood to be free from infection, the swelling in his body cease, and his lungs to heal completely.

Also please pray for our family, for John and I as we care and advocate for Mattie as well as keeping things at home as “normal” as possible for out children. Pray for our children who are all very worried about their brother.

Please join us in praying Psalm 91 over sweet Mattie.


7 thoughts on “Mattie

  1. Praying all day and night for healing for your precious boy,I’m so sorry he is suffering right now. Lord Jesus hold this sweet boy, heal his hurting body.

  2. Love and Prayers Mattie! We are praying for you and your whole family!
    Shawn, Rebekah and Ross!

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