Guest Post: Help the Louxes


Dorean Beattie here, a friend of Tracie’s.

You probably know by now that Mattie is in the hospital again, after being home just a few days from his last stay there. (If you haven’t heard, read the posts below for the full story.) Tracie and John are exhausted and worried, and the kids (big and small) are stressed and worried about their baby brother. John and Tracie are doing their best to keep up with the day to day things that don’t stop during a crisis, like laundry and feeding the family. While those of us that are out of town can’t do anything to help with the laundry, we can help with food (thank you, internet!) and encouragement.

I know there are many people that would bring a meal for the family if they were local, so how about if we go all modern on this? If you scroll down you’ll see on the right hand side of this page a PayPal link. Would you consider clicking that and donating the cost of a meal for the family? Donating will allow them to order dinner rather than John and Tracie having to stress over making meals between trips back and forth to the hospital. At this point, even if doctors discovered right now what was causing his symptoms, it would still be at least a few days before he was well enough to go home, so they could really use our help. If you don’t use PayPal, sending a gift card would be another way to go.

Another way to help is through sending cards or even just words of encouragement. They need to feel the closeness of those of us that care so much about them, and to not feel like they are in this alone. Flowers, balloons, or whatever, would be a cheerful reminder of how much they are loved, as well. Their address is: 12312 Askew St, Grandview, MO 64030.

Besides their own 4 adoptions, Tracie has helped dozens (if not more) of children find their forever families. Let’s return the love in this time of need. She has been there for us; it’s time be there for her. Please consider helping such a worthy family!

And above all else, to pray…


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