Not a Happy Day


Mattie has been readmitted to the PICU. After we got home the last time, he developed a rash which I mistakenly thought might be Fifths Disease. When his symptoms worsened over the weekend, it was clear something was not right.

We made a trip to the ER last night for chest X-rays and labs. We were initially told everything was clear and were sent home.

This morning our primary care physician called me to let me know that Mattie’s labs showed a clear sign of infection and we were told to bring him in immediately.

We have been admitted and he is being treated for an infection that is in his blood.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say.

Like now.


15 thoughts on “Not a Happy Day

  1. You have a lot of people praying for Mattie and for you and John! You brought this Angel into your family, you loved him when others might not had and this is proof! You can not begin to imagine how many lives you, john and Mattie are impacting! Your strength, your courage, your marriage, your love, it is all a testament to God’s love and grace!!

  2. I understand every word. Every emotion. Sitting in the same place as you. You are NOT alone. Stand strong and HE will move through this, too.

  3. Dear Tracie,

    So sorry for reading that, but and it is a real BUT from my heart (from overseas actually). Just want to let you know you’re not alone, Jesus is still right beside you and Mattie. I believe that He’s blood shed for us and Mattie as well, and it doesn’t depend on how we do or what we do, so I just pray that in Jesus name get well Mattie! No evil should dominate you because of Christ!

    Love, Dori

  4. I will keep you all in my thoughts!! Speedy recovery, little man! As a first time reader (and mom to a domestically adopted 8 year old with Ds) I have to comment on his hair!! Curls are such a rare trait in our kiddos! Hang in there!

  5. Haven’t read in a few weeks and am soooo sorry to hear Mattie is not feeling well! I will certainly pray for your beautiful sweet boy–and for your entire family. Mattie is a fighter–and God is the Great Physician–a winning combination for sure!

  6. Continuing to pray for our little guy! We love him so much and don’t like to see him hurting
    like this. Please kiss him for us all.
    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and his tribe of cousins

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