No Place Like HOME!


It wasn’t quite as easy as clicking his heals together, but Mattie is COMING HOME TOMORROW

Almost 2 weeks in the PICU fighting off this nasty RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

The good new is that the kid is tough. As fragile as his health has been, he’s always been a fighter.

And fighting off this virus and WINNING has made him even stronger!


We took a few huge steps backwards on his respiratory independence, but we’re just going to hike up our boot straps and keep moving forward.

In order for his lungs to heal from this virus, he needed a LOT of extra ventilator support.

We’re now kind of back where we started with the vent, and we’ll need to start the process of weaning back off the vent as his lungs heal totally from this.


Cannot wait to have my boy home!

Things you can pray for:

1. Continued healing from this virus.

2. A smooth and SHORT transition back to where we were prior to this illness. (Breathing off the vent independently all but about 7-8 hours at night)

3. Healing for ME, I got pretty run down these past 2 weeks and am now sick myself with a nasty head cold. Pray for strength for John as he manages things at the hospital today.


I was trying to think of something deep, wise, or at least something witty to add to this post, and I just can’t.

We’re happy our kid is coming home.

The End.


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