Pray for Mattie

Mattie was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning. We waited out a horrible snow storm in Kansas City that left the roads impassable. Thursday night and into the wee hours of Friday morning were terrifying. Mattie’s breathing was labored and he began to cough up quite a bit of blood. His need for increased oxygen and his lack of response to breathing treatments, was frightening. All the pharmacies were closed because of the storm as well, so we had no access to additional medication to help him.

We bundled up and loaded him for the snow covered drive to the ER and were on the road by 6am. He was stabilized in the ER, diagnosed with RSV and pneumonia and admitted to the PICU at our wonderful Children’s hospital.

He is receiving increased ventilator support and treatment to help him heal. We could be here for a few days to as long as several weeks. RSV is an ugly virus.

It is difficult to watch him struggle and the coughing fits are so hard to take.

We treasure your prayers.

Mattie resting peacefully, which is what he needs for his body to heal.


Mattie trying to play but not loving how he feels one bit!



8 thoughts on “Pray for Mattie

  1. Sweet little Mattie! Oh, how I understand that 2nd photo. I had severe asthma as a child and I clearly remember the pain and fear of not being able to get a good breath. I am praying for your Angel-Boy. Kiss his cheek for me.
    Love to all of the Loux Family. ~ Jo

  2. I am so sorry to hear Mattie is in the hospital. Praying for his complete and speedy recovery and for strength and peace for his family. Kiss his sweet head for me.

  3. Prayers being said for little Mattie. I feel confident that this is just a small challenge and he will pull thru in no time. He is a fighter

  4. PRAYING for Mattie, PRAYING for his Family!!! As you said: RSV is definitely an ugly virus. We have a RSV year here, so so many children suffer, the hospitals are overfilled….
    Wishing you GODs strength and peace for every moment!!

  5. So glad for the update so that we can add our petition on Mattie’s behalf to the Lord who Healeth!
    Praying for Peace and strength for the family, comfort and healing for Mattie, and Wisdom for the medical team!
    Praying God will turn this case of RSV (which our family also has battled many times) into
    Resounding Shouts of Victory – the Lord’s RSV!
    Hugs and blessings, Marae

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