Growing and Breathing


Mattie is almost 2 1/2 years old. There are days I can’t even wrap my head around that fact. It was two years ago this month that Mattie had his tracheotomy.

We’ve come a long way, Baby!

A really long way!

Mattie is growing and thriving. As you can see from the picture above he is HUGE!

As you can also see from the picture above, he is spending a great deal of his day OFF OF THE VENTILATOR!

This is enormous progress. Mattie is currently off of the vent, and breathing on his own through the trach, about 15 hours a day. He is only on the ventilator at night when he sleeps, and we are working to wean him off for those sleeping hours too. His day time nap is now off the vent.

Our doctor is optimistic that it is possible for Mattie to be completely off the vent by spring/summer and POTENTIALLY no longer need a trach at all by the end of the summer.


On Sunday, I took a nap with Mattie in my bed for 2 hours. I didn’t really sleep, I just watched him breathe and marveled at the goodness of God.

This little boy, this miracle, is living and growing and breathing.

He is catching up by leaps and bounds. He is sitting, scooting around, doing the backwards slide across the floor, getting on his hands and knees and rocking (not quite crawling), and rolling from one side of the room to the other.

He is working on oral stimulation during therapy so that eventually he will be able to eat foods orally (he’s currently still G-tube fed). He loves avocado, orange, honey, coconut oil, and of course chocolate!

His new wheels have been ordered, as he has outgrown his current ride. We’re looking forward to a lot of fun adventures this spring and summer!


We are continuing to make progress on his book “Mattie Breathes” which we hope to have available this spring. It is our hope that the book will help educate families about life with a child who has a tracheostomy.


4 thoughts on “Growing and Breathing

  1. Thanks for sharing your Beautiful Strong HUGE:) Mattie Boy!!
    Again, I stand in awe about all the wonderful news of your MIRACLE-BOY!!
    Praising GOD with you all!!

  2. Awesome! I love this strong not so little one anymore! 😉 God has so knit my heart to what He is doing in Mattie, and I still look forward to the day Tracie when I get to meet you and Mattie. 😀

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