“Why I Give a Boatload of Money to Adoption” Guest Post (part 2)

I’m grateful to share another guest post this morning from one of our adoption supporters. I should point out that I’m the one that assigned this task and gave the title to this series. I can assure you none of these amazing individuals are sitting there thinking, “I gave a boatload of money to adoption. Look at me.”

This particular couple, Brian and Dorean have given extravagantly to our family. They would be mortified if I shared details, but I will tell you that one of our children would not be in our home were it not for their obedience in giving an enormous gift in the 11th hour. A 6:30AM email in January of 2009 stating, “The check is in the mail,” allowed for our daughter to be plucked out of place of bondage and hopelessness and brought into a place of hope and healing. And they continue to pour in to our lives, with their love, prayer and with finances. A couple we didn’t even know at the time that their first adoption gift arrived at our doorstep, have now become family.


Why do I financially support families who adopt?

I have been told that I have given a lot to support some couples who have devoted themselves to the rescue of orphans; to families becoming the redemptive hands of God in the lives of the most defenseless of children. At the end of each fiscal year, I have a number showing the amount I have given in support of those who are, in turn, giving the priceless gift of themselves. When I look at what I can give, and compare it to what I see being given, mere money in any amount doesn’t seem to be so much.

I give what I have because I Love.

I love God and I believe the Bible tells us a lot about what God is like. Love is the character and nature of the God of the Bible; persistent, undeniable, inexhaustible Love. It is in Love that God knows us and permits us to know Him. It is His love for His creation that drives Him to intervene in supernatural and miraculous ways. To experience the presence and miraculous intervention of God in His creation, seek Him where His Love is being poured out in abundance.

The Love of God makes us all simultaneously wretched by comparison and yet infinitely precious. There is no more vivid demonstration of the kind of Love God shows us, than for a child in hopeless circumstances to be plucked from incomprehensible despair by a mom and a dad who say, “I choose you, and I’ll give you life in my family.” In that moment, it is God’s Love that is flowing, and miracles abound. Children get well. They thrive. They learn. Their wounds heal. They overcome the insurmountable. They connect. They are transformed in one act of selfless Love from wretched to precious. To witness this is to see God’s Love in action. To facilitate it by paying a few adoption expenses or offering some ongoing financial support is to participate in the miraculous.

It’s not religious fanaticism or hyperbole, it’s real. God’s Love moves in creation, and I get the chance to not just witness it, but to be in it. I love. Of course I give as much as I can, as often as I can, to as many as I can.

I give because the need is urgent.

I am a dad, and my kids have grown. Looking back, the time to raise them was so short. There was only one day for the first steps, the first communion, recitals, driving, college, and no waiting around for dad to get ready for the next need or crisis. Children are on the clock and the calendar without let up.

Orphans have a special kind of urgency; their childhood is at risk until they have a secure, nurturing environment to live in. They cannot just wait around until a willing family with sufficient resources can take them in, especially when the needs include medical treatment or accommodation for chronic disability. A candidate adoptive family could say, “We don’t have a comfortable surplus of resources right now, so it’s wiser for us to wait and save”, but each day of delay is a day lost for an orphan that will never come back.

I believe God provides for my needs, and when I have an unexpected surplus, I ask God what it’s for. I have never heard God say, “It’s time for more personal security by paying ahead on your utility bill” or “A big-screen TV would sure be sweet on the family room wall”, but I have felt Him move my heart for the urgent plight of orphan children. When I can give right now to help willing adopters care for even one more child than they have the means for, I can feel the pleasure of God and the nearness of His Love being freshly poured out.

I give because the ministry is so real.

I love and respect the institutional church, but I wonder at church priorities sometimes. Of course it’s important to have a big enough building, and I accept the necessity of staff salaries. Sometimes it feels a little disconnected when 90% for church revenue is building, grounds, staff, and bureaucracy, while 10% is foreign mission organizations and charities with their own buildings, staff, and bureaucratic needs. At what point does the church stop making excuses about care for the widows and orphans?

On the other hand, a dollar given to a family that is caring for redeemed orphans goes right to work in Kingdom purposes. It is a cup of cool water offered in kindness to allay thirst. It is clothes for the naked. It is a visit of comfort in a prison of unmet need. It is so real. It’s so now. It is 24×7 365.

Why would God want to involve me in providing for the care of orphans in someone else’s family? I firmly believe it is because God loves me, and desires for me to share His heart. When He appoints abundant resources to my stewardship, and invites me to be involved in His provision for these families, it is so much about His heart, and my heart. It is our original purpose. It is God training me for dominion of creation in His image. It is about tending the garden.

I don’t believe in an eventual day when I face God in judgment, and must answer for how generous I was with the church building campaign to build a gymnasium addition that will also have six new Sunday school rooms and a commercial kitchen for catering weddings. I do believe on that day I will be asked about the ten talents, and what I have to show for it. “I helped some families care for orphans they adopted, and I loved to see how you provided for them,” I’ll say. The kids with Down syndrome that otherwise would have been aborted or left to premature death unloved. The ones injured before birth with drugs or alcohol. The ones born in illegitimacy or crime. The ones who couldn’t wait for a family that had saved up enough money to care for them in their own abundance. That’s what I’ve got. I can already hear God saying “Yes, I already knew about that.”

I give for the reward

I believe that God exists, and I believe that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. One who is earnestly seeking God must consider how to maximize the probability of finding Him by deliberately looking where He is likely to be found. Giving to support the redemption of orphans is practically cheating – like shooting fish in a barrel – because God is there in miracle-working power, in majesty, in grace, in Love.


I have written of myself, confident that some will identify with my experience, and many will not for lots of reasons that are valid and legitimate; I acknowledge you and bless you.

Jesus, teaching his disciples said, “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 18:10 NKJV)

-Brian Beattie


7 thoughts on ““Why I Give a Boatload of Money to Adoption” Guest Post (part 2)

  1. Thank you Brian. We feel the same way. We kept saying someday that we were going to help with the plight of the orphan and that someday finally came last August. We would always say, “when things are better financially” or “when we don’t have so much going on”. The fact of the matter remained…..we were called and we could not keep saying “tomorrow”.

    We gutted our retirement plan and started the adoption process for a little boy with Spina Bifida in China. Call us crazy… most do. I am a stay-at-home- mom (and part-time AF reservist) and my husband is a Park Ranger. When asked Why? All I can say is why not?

    We are not rich, but we have a great life and are blessed with a nice home, stable employment and good health insurance. We have four healthy children, a great extended family, and a supportive church community.

    We think we will be able to raise our shortfall with over-time and a small loan, however, there are so many families out there that the only obstacle is money. I am thankful for people like you that are willing to help them. God bless you.

    For those out there who see money as an obstacle, please know that most of us have been in your shoes and have been simply amazed by God’s provision…..talk about a Faith and spiritual growth opportunity…..Adopton!

  2. Thank you for your heart and your willingness to put it on “paper”. My husband is a pastor and I am thankful for the loving church community in which we worship. However, I wonder if this is “Church” (Big C) as God intended it. You have shared it so well without condemnation or negativity, but with simplicity and honesty: “This is why I do what I do. Because of Jesus. How could I not?” I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God!

  3. I so needed the encouragement of this series tonight! As we venture to bring our Igor home from Ukraine, (http://www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/Bringing-Igor-Home-Forever/39937) if you want to see our cutie pie… it feels like such a huge financial mountain. However, we know God will provide in His own timing and way when we trust in Him with all our hearts. So thankful for those who listen to the Lord’s prompting and act in obedience – whether that be through financial support, adoption or prayer. We pray each day how we may be able to bless other families in the adoption process as well.

  4. Dear Brian as an adoptive single mom of 2 Chinese orphans, one being special needs I want to say thank you for your heart for the orphans. Yes parents often do need financial assistance after they bring these children home. Thank God for people and churches like mine who help! My son just finished his 10th surgery and we almost always have medical bills to pay out of pocket. But we trust God with those. And we never forget for those still without homes yet and monthly support those causes. Everyone can do something.

  5. Terri, Cindy, Christine, Vicky, [and especially Tracie]. Thank you so much for your kind words. I admire you each so much for walking it out. You are such heroes, and you make it so easy to see the real Love of God.

  6. I LOVE BRIAN AND DOREAN!!!!!!! They changed my life the day they said yes and took Me in with our newborn baby Joanna!!!! They loved me freely, fed me, didn’t care that my daughter had her nights and days mixed up, gave me grace when my eyes were heavy, took great pictures of Joanna and I during our stay, had everything ready for me when I arrived!!! Their giving is more than just money, it was AMAZING RECEPTION OF THE BIBLICAL TRUTH! THEY LOVED A STRANGER!!!

    LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!!!!! SOME DAY We will meet again, but there are no words for the love they have already shown! They are a part of our family!

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