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I Feel Like a Battering Ram


I feel like a battering ram,

Yet this wall called your heart seems so hard to break through.

If I try a little longer,

If I push a little harder,

Will I find my way through to the heart of you?


Standing here before this fortress,

Ready to break this wall.

Small and fierce my little warrior,

You hurl those darts to the ground.

You tighten up your chain-mail,

And unleash your battle cry.


I’m going to set love’s fire to it,

I won’t give up on you.

Like a battering ram to your tiny heart,

I’ll drive that breach

And break it down.


For more on our journey to bonding with Emma, please read “Dear Emma” 8/2009


10 thoughts on “I Feel Like a Battering Ram

  1. Beautifully expressed! This morning we prayed that God’s perfect love would drive out all that is wrong in Emma”s heart. You and John are showing God’s perfect love. We are praying for your strength to persevere. It will be done. We love you, Mom and Dad.

  2. I love how you have so beautifully put into words the daily battle we fight at our home, too. Just this morning I once again had the, “I will always love you…I will never leave you…” speech which seems to fall on deaf ears. But something has to be getting through.

  3. I love you so much. As I read this I kept feeling it was written from The Lord to me! Thank you for writing this. Don’t give up, don’t be afraid to be weak, cling only to Jesus dear one.

  4. I love you friend. So incredibly much. Thank you for this. Thank you. I want so much to love like Jesus.

  5. If you haven’t already, Use your library to order thru InterLibraryLoan the books: Trying differently rather than Harder by Diane Malbin; The Long way to Simple by Stephen Neafcy; Fantastic Antone Succeeds and Fantastic Antone grows up–both by Judith Kleinfeld; Damaged Angles by Bonnie Buxton. Also books on Attachment Disorder….I have a son with FAE….

  6. My heart for my son.. I will love you no mater what… I won’t abandon you. I won’t shame you. I will forgive when you lash out. I will connect not just try to change you so my life will be easier. I will be patient as He heals your little broken heart. I will wait. I fail… but He has healed me and He lets me be part of your story… I will keep loving you.

    Beautiful poem–thank you!

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