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Differently Abled



My son Aiden can do anything he sets his mind to do.



Aiden has Down syndrome. Over decades children with Down syndrome have been labeled- Mongoliods, Mentally Retarded, Disabled.

My child is none of those. NONE!

Please do not label my child.

Unless you plan to look deeper.

I look deeper ever day.



This is Aiden.

He is wise, funny, kind, loving, compassionate, determined, and creative.

He is the first one to comfort me when I am sick.

He gives good shoulder rubs.

He is the first one to tease me and make me laugh.

He always has time to play with his little brother and teach him new things.

He never gives up when things are hard.

He loves to read and his new favorite word is “book.”

“Annie” is his favorite movie/musical of all time and he knows the word to every song.

He can focus of long periods of time building with blocks and putting puzzles together.

He is passionate about food, and wants to have a noodle restaurant when he gets big.



My son is not disabled.

He is differently abled. But so am I.

Do not feel sorry for my child with Down syndrome. His diagnosis is not devastating or tragic. His limitations will not stop him from becoming everything he dreams of becoming. Look deeper than his lovely almond shaped eyes that point to his diagnosis. Listen beyond the slur in his speech. Look into the heart of my child and listen to what he has to say. He may just blow you away.


4 thoughts on “Differently Abled

  1. “Please do not label my child. Unless you plan to look deeper.I look deeper ever day.” I love those words 🙂 very special people you are and Im sure you feel super blessed to have the honour of having him being part of your life 🙂

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