Kind of a Big Deal


Look at this kid! I dare you not to smile. I mean seriously?


He didn’t take a nap yesterday because he was too busy doing this! He’s graduated from the tripod sit, to hands on knees, and he can even lift up one hand to play without falling over.

He’s pretty proud of himself.

So am I

It’s kind of a big deal.


Look at that strong boy!


This little man is my hero. My Miracle Mattie. It blows me away every day that he keeps learning and growing with JOY in his heart in the midst of what have been some crazy tough obstacles in his life.

If Mattie can do it, so can I. So can you.

He’s kind of a big deal.

And you are too. You’re a big deal. Your life is a big deal to God.

I’m just a Momma, cheering on my big, strong baby.

But He is God, the creator of your life, and you are a very big deal to Him.

He’s cheering you on.

He’s cheering me on.


7 thoughts on “Kind of a Big Deal

  1. I was just wondering how my little buddy was doing!! Praise the Lord! I am so proud of him! He is a light! Keep shining, little man! Keep shining! I love it!

  2. He was the seed..you all are his nourishment….
    He is a VERY big deal…! Good job Momma, good
    job all…

  3. This is a HUGE deal!!! Mattie is amazing, as is his family who loves him wholeheartedly. Kiss his sweet, precious head for me!

  4. It’s so wondreful to read about Mattie and see how far he has come!!! Keep going Mattie! And you Momma, you are great!
    Love from Poland:)

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