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Picture Perfect

Saturday was the annual Down Syndrome Guild Christmas Party. Mattie’s first year to attend. He is slightly confused by Santa’s beard.
At an event as special as this, having really awesome “Santas” is a must. This Santa wasn’t in a rush. He spent time playing with the kids, singing Jingle bells with them, a few high fives and lots of laughs. I’m not sure where they got this guy, but he was fabulous with the kids! Another Santa (yes, there were 3) had a race with Aiden near the end of the morning.

I got them all to smile (sort of). This picture perfect moment was brought to you after a good deal of not so perfect moments. But when it all comes down to it, I chose to dwell on the beauty and joy of my children so that in the moments of insanity, I have something to hold on to!
Classic Mattie, with a face for every occasion!
Headed out the door for our church “Christmas Pagent”, never were their two cuter donkeys and a lamb. This is my life!

Tis the season, to settle back and take joy in the things that matter. We have simplified our gift giving considerably this year. I am glad. I am not the least bit stressed out, and I am enjoying my family, rejoicing in the miracle of Christ dwelling in me, abiding in our home, and making Himself known deep in our hearts.

Between the lines, there are temper tantrums, moments of chaos, frustration with my inability to be a perfect parent, and exhaustion from the rigors of life with 7 children; but the theme of this story will always be “Jesus the Redeemer,” the one who came to seek and save the lost, and create in each of us something beautiful, reflecting His goodness.

Praying that each of you will lean into His strong, everlasting arm, and find peace and hope and joy this season.


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