Give Thanks

For a year of love and growth and hope, I give thanks.

For Matthias, home for one full year, laughing, growing and thriving in the midst of love, I give thanks.

For Elia, blossoming into a beautiful, strong little lady with a love for dance, princesses, and ponies, I give thanks.

For Emma, overcoming the past and discovering the joy of today, opening her heart to love and laugh, I give thanks.

For Aiden, joyful, vibrant, and full of love, showing the world that having he can do anything, I give thanks.

For Isabelle, passionate, kind and full of grace, reaching, stretching, growing and dancing into her dreams, I give thanks.

For Taylor, charming, witty and wise, capturing the beauty of the world with paper and pen, and loving others well, I give thanks.

For Nicholas, becoming a man, wise and kind beyond his years, changing the world with lyrical beauty and wisdom, I give thanks.

For Amy, who entered our world with beauty and grace, loving us all deeply and touching us daily with her kindness, I give thanks.

For John, my husband forever, serving us all with faithfulness and goodness, loving me with a never stopping passion that is my strength, I give thanks.

For Him, who created us all, sustains us all, and fills us with His love, I give thanks.


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