Meet the Wallis Family

I have asked Sydney Wallis to share on my blog about their family’s adoption journey, and the current path their family is walking to bring two more children home: 

“We had the perfect family- 2 boys and 2 girls. No one would have thought that our life was not what it should be. Then 15 years ago, God stirred something within me that would forever change our lives. During a Sunday School class, I heard about waiting children in the world.  I heard the need, I saw the hurt and the pain, and my desire to do something about it would not go away! Soon after this all night stirring of my heart, we brought home our first son through adoption. Since that day we have added 15 more children to our hearts and home.

After we had a total of twelve children I said I was done, couldn’t do any more. I was tired, exhausted and worn out. But God had different plans and soon I found out I was pregnant with number 13, at 46 years old and 13 yrs after a vasectomy! I knew from that day forward I could never tell Him “no” when He stirred my heart, no matter what the cost, no matter what the consequences, no matter what! And so we have moved forward in our lives, allowing God to lead. It has not been an easy road. There have been many sacrifices, strains in relationships and finances. We will never lead a “quiet life,” and our nest will never be empty. But it has been the road God wants us on, and all we can do is to be obedient and follow. The blessings we have received far out weigh the life we “could have had”. We wouldn’t change a thing- from a bed full of pre-schoolers every night, to late night talks with seven teenagers, to painful conversations about loss, grief and unknowns, to beautiful weddings surrounded by all our children.

Josiah, 8 and Larkin,7 are our children in China. They are both are children with special needs who need a family like all the other children in the world. They have precious smiles and beautiful faces. They were born with club feet, spina bifida, no bowel or bladder control and Hepatitis B, between the two of them. They need to be loved, to have a mommy and daddy and a family. We can give them that. We desire to give them that. We KNOW that God has called us to them. We do not have all the finances needed to bring them home, but we have a home to bring them to. We need help to bring them home. We are standing on the promise that what God calls us to He is able to do. We cannot bring Josiah and Larkin home without help, BUT we serve a God who is mighty.

‘Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.’ Luke 17:20″

– Sydney Wallis

The Wallis family needs to raise $25,000 in order to bring these two precious children into a family full of love and to a place where they can receive the medical care that they desperately need. Their paperwork is on its way to China and they should be able to travel in about 2 months. They need to have the funds ready to go so that there is nothing hindering them from getting to these children as quickly as possible.

I would ask you to PRAY for the Father to provide for all of their needs and to strengthening the family as they prepare to travel. I would ask you to PRAY for Josiah and Larkin that they would feel the peace of God in their hearts and that His hand of protection would be over their lives. Little do they know, things are about to change in their lives!

AND I would ask you to consider GIVING! There is no price tag on the value of a live, but when I look at the possibility of 2 lives being changed forever for the price tag of $25,000 my heart is challenged to believe that it is possible because those children are WORTH IT! Their lives are priceless. And to think that 1000 readers could give $25 and it would be DONE, paid for, just blows me away.

So that is my challenge for you today- 1000 readers give $25.00.

If you feel compelled to give more, give that extra $25 or extra $50 or whatever it is on behalf of a friend or family member!

Maybe you’ll give as a family? 5 members of your family, giving $125.00.

Perhaps this Thanksgiving you would consider pouring into these two lives as an extended family?

You know that I don’t do this often on my blog, but I felt strongly that I was supposed to get behind this precious family and support them as they welcome Josiah and Larkin into their home.

To give please visit ADOPT TOGETHER, where a giving link has been set up to receive donations for this adoption, your gift is tax deductible, and will be released to the family to cover adoption expenses only.

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