Miracle Mattie is Two Years Old

There are a lot of emotions surrounding this, the 2nd year of life with Mattie.

Gratitude for all that the Lord has carried us through.

And this sort of surreal unbelief that we actually made it, did this, survived it with joy in our hearts.

Joy, so much joy that we have been blessed, entrusted with… this amazing little man.

I feel like the theme of the last two years for me has been finding joy in the midst of pain. This little man has been my teacher.

He has lived out Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine; but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

This tiny little boy. This wonder child has brought this incredibly deep measure of joy into our hearts.

Our lives are so rich because of him.

Celebrating 2 years is simply overwhelming to my already bursting at the seams heart.

Happy Birthday Matthias Samuel Loux!

Take a moment to remember the goodness of the Lord with us!

October 2010

Tracheostomy February 2011: (Words Fail Me, The Peace That Passes All Understanding, Leading Lines)

Heart Surgery August 2011

Homecoming September 2011

1st Birthday October 2011


7 thoughts on “Miracle Mattie is Two Years Old

  1. Could these pictures be any sweeter? Happy birthday Mattie. Even tho we have never met, your life has touched my heart and my 5 year old daughter has looked forward to every precious video and picture through your amazing 2 years!! Love and best wishes, miracle boy!! Sent from my iPhone

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mattie Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!! The miracle we all prayed for came true in YOU! Love you so much and we have never met, but believe me for you we prayed!!!! What a joy it is to see you celebrating with your wonderful family!

    By the way- YOU ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday my gorgeous angel boy! You are a priceless miracle from Heaven and I love you more than words could begin to express.

    Trac and John, I want to tell you both how proud I am of you! You took a path on your journey of adoption that most would not have. You chose life and you did so when you didn’t even know what the outcome of that life would be. It didn’t matter to you, the prognosis that was given…the little hope that was offered. You loved and continue to love Mattie so well, so faithfully and with such passion and commitment! God used you both to completely turn Mattie’s broken story into a miraculous story…from ashes to beauty.

    I stand in awe of the gift that Jesus blessed you with in the gift of Mattie, and the gift he blessed Mattie with in the gift of you, as his parents. Thank you for standing for life…for valuing what much of the world would not value. Thank you for the example you’ve been to so many of how to love your children well! I’m honored to call you family and I just want to say how very much I love you both!

    Please kiss my angel for me. I wish I wasn’t sick or I’d come do it myself. Happy Birthday miracle boy! You have and will continue to change the world with your beautiful and priceless life!

    So much love to all of you!

    Your Sis,

    Renee’ (AKA Auntie Ne’ Ne’)

  4. May the dear Lord bless you!
    May the dear Lord bless you!
    Happy birthday dear Mattie!
    Happy birthday to you!!

    Love, birthday hugs and a kiss for your precious head

    Mrs. I. : )

  5. Ohhhhh!!! Beautiful pictures of the beautiful Miracle-Boy Mattie and his beautiful and awesome Family!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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