Joy Unspeakable

Last Sunday, we celebrated John’s birthday by heading to Weston, Missouri to the Apple and Cheese Festival.
It was a gorgeous day. Yummy festival food. Great music. Pony rides. And the simple joy of being out together as a family.

HAPPY 43rd birthday, John!

I love this little family parade. Oh how my heart sings!

Handsome Mattie Sam ready for a fun day with the family!

Little did she know, the following day, he’d ask her to be his forever.

 Because you asked and because Nick and Amy claim this is the BEST ROOT BEER EVER, check out Keck’s Rootbeer!

Our life at home has taken on new joy with all the fantastic progress that Mattie is making! After his doctor’s appointment this week, we were given the go ahead to continue Mattie’s “off vent” trials, working up to being off the vent ALL WAKING HOURS! GO MATTIE!

As I write, he is behind me in the family room playing, vent free. The past few days his “off vent” total hours has been 7-8 hours of the vent per day, broken up into 1-3 hour chunks each time. HE IS ROCKING THIS!

This was my view last night as I made dinner. The whole crew in the kitchen watching a little “Elmo” and just loving life.

As Mattie continues to make amazing forward progress, our dreams for him just keep growing and growing. Today Elia said, “I just can’t wait til he’s up to here (motioning), and walking around with me!” The other day, I realized that this time next year, he will being tested for pre-school! WHAT?

A week from today, our little miracle man turns TWO YEARS OLD.

We dream big dreams for this little man, with joy unspeakable welling up in our hearts!


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