Nick Loves Amy Forever

Once upon a time, a boy saw a girl.
And he got brave enough to suggest,

When he thought she might just like him too,
He said,

And when he couldn’t keep it inside any longer,
He told her,

And when he discovered that she really liked him too,
He boldly asked,

And for 2 1/2 years, they dated. They learned to love each other well. They became best friends. They understood each other. They grew in love, in forgiveness, in grace, and in maturity. There aren’t enough words to express what an incredible joy it is to watch my son, my boy… become a man.

And he realized,

So last night he asked this lovely young woman,

He declared his love and his commitment to her heart.

She said, “YES!”

And afterward, he had a surprise birthday dinner prepared, with some help from amazing friends.
To celebrate her life… and their lives together.

Nick and Amy,
Your Dad and I couldn’t possibly be happier for you. We have watched you walk through the past 2 1/2 years with such incredible grace and maturity. You are so ready for this! We marvel at the goodness of God in weaving the story of your lives together. He is such a masterful Storyteller. I imagine Him in that heavenly library full of stories written, and some still being penned. I imagine that last night, He threw back His head with pure joy at the sight of one of His tales turning the page of a new chapter. I hear His laughter and I see the pleasure on His face as He looks at the two of you.

You amaze us with your faithfulness to each other, your unconditional love for each other and the deep measure of grace and forgiveness you have already learned to pour out on each other.

You are the most incredibly young man. A leader beyond your years. A treasure to our hearts. Watching you become a man has given us more pleasure than we could ever fully express. You have leaned on Jesus and gleaned from the wisdom of those around you time and time again. You love well, you give well, you serve well… and with that you will make an incredible husband.

Our soon to be daughter, we have loved you as such for more months than we can count. We are overjoyed to welcome you into our family and call you our own. Watching you love our son has been on of the most incredible miracles we have ever witnessed as parents. You laugh at his jokes, and you see deeply into his heart. You listen well and care so very deeply, and with that we are beyond confident that you will be a fabulous wife.

We love you both.


6 thoughts on “Nick Loves Amy Forever

  1. He has had amazing parents to look up to growing up, I see these wonderful qualities in all your children. Not only should you be proud of your boy, but John and yourself should pat each other on the back because you two have done an amazing job.

  2. Every time I see this I cry like a silly little girl. I’ve watched them through your pictures and thought how lovely they are together. And though I’ve never met them, I celebrate with them and praise our God for His gracious ways. Blessings upon blessings Nick and Amy. You touch us with your love.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! WAHOOO!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How beautiful it is when God joins two hearts for Him đŸ™‚

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