“Derek’s House”

I wanted to share with you about an upcoming Orphan Justice Center ministry trip that my sister in law Renee, will be taking with her daughters, Sophia (14) and Michaela (12) on November 4th; and give you an opportunity to pour into a ministry that is changing lives around the world.

As you many of you know, John’s brother Derek and his wife Renee founded the Orphan Justice Center 5 years ago. Before Derek went to be with Jesus, he began spending time in Thailand, and dreamed and prayed about one day sending a team out there. It was Derek’s desire to see teams who would learn the language, work alongside the pastors, and plant a safe house for children who would be rescued out of the sex slave industry.

For almost three years now, some of the people Derek brought together to tackle this amazing endeavor, have been faithfully serving in an area of Thailand that is so desperately in need of the hope of Jesus! They have raised up the first safe house to help restore children and have chosen to call it, “Derek’s House,” in honor of the work he began with this incredible team. Due to the sensitive nature of all that is going on, we are unable to give an exact location of where this is all taking place.
As a family we are so blessed and encouraged to see the work that Derek began here and his passion for the people of Thailand, growing and changing lives!

Here is what Renee, her girls and the team there will be doing on this trip:

-Dedicating the restoration home for children, “Derek’s House.”

-Visiting the Red Light district in Bangkok.

-Strengthening the Chang Mai Prayer Room.-Ministering at a local orphanage.-Participating in a prayer walk just over the Myanmar border for the coming transit highways.

-Praying and leading worship at another prayer room in an area we are unable to disclose.

-Encouraging and praying for the local staff.

-Witnessing and leading worship in 2 local churches


The total cost of this trip, which includes airfare, housing, food and travel expenses will be $2,500 per person-a total of $7500 for Renee and the girls. Sophia has already raised $1,600, which leaves $5,900 left to be raised.

I’m asking that you consider financially supporting Renee and the girls in this work that Derek began in Thailand.

And more than anything, I am asking for your prayers to surround the team on this trip. There is so much warfare in this area of the world and they will really need strong prayer support.

Financial gifts for this trip may be sent payable to Renee’ Loux:
Renee Loux
PO Box 47
Grandview MO

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