We had a summer long drought in Kansas City. Our yard was dead, we mowed twice all summer long and that was in May/June. Nothing was growing. I gave up on my garden because even with daily watering, it just wasn’t thriving. One of our trees went dormant in August, its leaves turned orange and it dropped all of its leaves. It was bleak.

I’ve shared with you a little bit about my heart and the desert journey I’ve been walking through this past year or so. It has been hard. I’ve share the hope that I feel… the just around the corner, promises of breakthrough. Rain in the desert during my trip to Arizona.

And then it began to rain in Kansas City. The rain came here. And things started coming back to life. The grass is green and needs to be mowed again.

Yesterday I took a walk in the morning rain.

My dead garden has slowly begun to resurrect.


I don’t understand the Lord’s ways. But I know He is good.

I know that when I walk through darkness, when I stagger through the desert, when I feel blinded by pain and fear… He is good. He is there.

He is in it with me.

Even when He is silent.

This morning we were greeting by this giant yellow pumpkin blossom, and it reached out to me and screamed, “HOPE! There is hope!”

And so my heart presses forward, reaching toward the Sun, stretching my roots down deep where Living Water waits, ready to fill me up.

There is Hope.

He is good.



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