Honeycomb Words!

When I was in Phoenix a few weeks ago, I spent some time meeting some of the families I have worked with over the years and hugging their beautiful children. I was blessed to spend some time with this sweet family. I was their consultant for their first adoption, and their friend for their second adoption.

At one point during the open house, Yale (the little guy on the left) came up to me and said, “Mrs. Tracie, Thank you for helping Lucy find our family.”

Well, let me tell you what, those words hit my heart and left me speechless.

I hugged Yale and thanked him with tears in my eyes.

Later I asked his sweet Momma, Hayley if she had “put him up to it.” She hadn’t. She asked Tyler if he had. No, he hadn’t either.

Hayley later approached Yale and said, “Mrs. Tracie told me what you said to her. It made her cry.”

Yale had a worried look at first, thinking he had hurt me. Halyey quickly assured him, that I was crying because it made me happy.

She asked him what made him say that. He said, “Well Momma, I heard those words in my heart and I thought to myself, ‘Those are honeycomb words and I think I should say them,’ so I walked right up to her and said them!”

I loved Tyler and Hayley’s wisdom in teaching their children to use “Honeycomb Words,” and decided to implement it with my children when I got home.

Last night for our devotions we did.

We worked on memorizing Proverbs 16:24 and then talked about “honeycomb” words that are sweet and bring LIFE to our hearts when we hear them.

We also talked about how “bitter words” are like vinegar and bring pain, cause anger and make others sad.

Then we spent some time sharing examples and writing them down.


Eager little students!



We have these two charts hanging by our front door and as we “catch” the kids saying “honeycomb words,” we will add them to the chart.

If we “catch” them using “vinegar words,” we will also add them to the chart and help them choose a “honeycomb word” as a replacement.

I should add that we had a little tea cup full of honey and one full of vinegar that we used as a taste example for how our words affect others.

We ended the evening having each of the Littles speak “honeycomb” words to everyone in the family.
A special thank you to my little friend, Yale, for encouraging our family to look for opportunities to use “honeycomb words.” 





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