Mattie Sam, He’s Our Big, Strong Man!

It’s been ages since I’ve done a full update on Mattie (oops! sorry, the downfall of putting little updates on Facebook, is that I fear I have neglected the blog)

Mattie is doing GREAT!

Mattie the lil’ firefighter on a family outing a few weekends ago!

Mattie continues to get stronger and is meeting so many of his developmental milestones! We are so proud of our big, strong, handsome boy!

He is signing words like: More, My Turn, Music, and All Done!

He rolls over and over and over across the floor and gets himself all tangled up like THIS!

He is pushing up on all fours and rocks back and forth on his hands and knees!

He slides himself backwards, still no forward crawling…. yet!

He can push up from his tummy into a supported, sitting position using his hands still to hold himself in sitting.

He was just fitted with a “stander” as part of his physical therapy routine. He LOVES IT!

And here’s the back view!

He’s big enough and strong enough to sit up in the big tub now! No more baby baths for Mattie!
Splish Splash!

Now that the weather is nice for a bit (not too hot, not too cold), we are trying to get out on the weekends as much as we can!

Mattie’s first swing ride!

Strolling around the park!

And the most fun of all! Mattie’s trip to the Red Barn Farm for his first Down Syndrome Guild event!

And my favorite ever, I saved this one for last!

We are so proud of our sweet son! He is growing and learning and thriving.

He is full of joy and is the happiest child I have ever known.

He has a wonderful sense of humor and does things he knows will make us laugh.

He has the best laugh in the universe and his smile lights up a room!


Home from a full day at clinic at Children’s Mercy! And Mattie gets a glowing report. He is growing, healthy and they are thrilled with his development on all levels.

Vent settings (meaning the level of support the ventilator gives him) have been lowered AGAIN!

For the past month we have been able to take Mattie off the vent, for 10 minutes, 4x/day. He has done really well breathing independently and his lungs are definitely STRONGER.

Every time he is off the vent it is like giving his lungs exercise.

He is doing so well that we have been given permission to INCREASE his time off the vent to 20 minutes, 4x/day, working up over the next few weeks to ONE HOUR, 4x/day off the vent! We are so incredibly proud of our big, strong boy and are rejoicing at these major steps toward independence. It is expected that Mattie will be able to be fully weaned off the ventilator in the months to come.

This is Mattie tuckered right out after a long appointment being fitted for AFO’s (ankle/foot orthosis) to help support his very weak ankles for standing!




7 thoughts on “Mattie Sam, He’s Our Big, Strong Man!

  1. We LOVE reading Mattie updates! Keep ’em coming! I am a nurse and vents always made me nervous (I worked L&D or mom/baby), but after reading about Mattie and your family, I really feel like we could adopt a child who needed one! Now, to convince the hubby we need to adopt again…

  2. YEA MATTIE!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Much Love!
    I think you and Michael need to meet up and talk AFO’s, therapy fun, and crazy families 🙂

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