Across the Big Sea

I have a friend named Christina who lives in Switzerland. Friendship is made of a common heart beat and love. I have never met Christina, and I don’t know if we will ever meet this side of heaven. We have exchanged emails over the past year or so and she has been one who has taken the time on numerous occasions to send me cards and gifts to encourage me (especially during our season with Mattie in the hospital).

She would never want me to brag on her like this, I assure you, but I can’t help but share this treasured friend with you.

Once she sent me a beautiful hand made card with a bit of US currency and orders to buy myself some coffee and chocolate.

Once she sent Mattie a pair of hand made wool socks.

She has sent me cards with words of love and encouragement… each card hand made, and a treasured work of art.

Today she sent me yet another beautiful care package. This time she has flown all the way across the big sea to care for the children of a family that is overseas for their adoption. So this package arrived from the great state of New York, yet inside were Christina’s beautiful gifts, treasures.

Christina’s heart beats with love.

Gifts of Love! Including hand knit wool socks for all of the Littles and Mattie.

Swiss Tea and a beautiful children’s story!

Christina’s handwriting that I’ve grown to love.

New socks for Mattie.

Beautiful linens.

And of course she didn’t forget, the Swiss chocolate, which I shall promptly hide from the Littles.

Thank you Christina, my friend. Your love is felt across the big sea!

2 thoughts on “Across the Big Sea

  1. I Praise God and thank Him daily for my blessings from my online friends!! So glad to see God has blessed you with the same!!

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