I was just shy of 22 years old when I got married, and last week John and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary!

I celebrate my 44th birthday on Thursday.


Twenty-two things I’ve learned about myself, in completely random, spontaneous order:

1. I was born to be creative with my life.

2. I am not a morning person.

3. I like coffee too much to ever give it up, but I rarely finish a cup.

4. Words of encouragement are my favorite gift to receive.

5. I don’t love to cook, but I love good food.

6. I love my children and I love to work, and I think I do both pretty well.

7. I don’t like unresolved conflict.

8. I don’t like being misunderstood.

9. I don’t like being alone.

10. I love spring and fall the best.

11. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was and capable of way more than I ever gave myself credit for.

12. I love teaching.

13. I love writing.

14. I love pedicures and massages.

15. I love when my children play with my hair or stroke my face.

16. I love long drives in the truck with my husband, even when we aren’t talking, but I do love to talk.

17. I’m determined, hard-working, faithful and committed to the things I am passionate about.

18. I am strong willed, and I don’t give up without a fight.

19. I love watching my children discover who they are.

20. I might seem pretty tough, but deep down I’m not.

21. My life is story and I love that I get to live it.

22. I love the Storyteller, Author and Creator.

Twenty-two things I’ve learned about marriage, in completely random, spontaneous order:

1. Marriage is hard work.

2. Talking is super important. Screaming doesn’t help much.

3. Boundaries are healthy, meant to protect you, and give freedom.

4. Trust is hard to earn.

5. I don’t deserve unconditional love, He doesn’t deserve unconditional love, but we both long for it and try to extend it.

6. Laughter has saved our marriage.

7. You don’t get to quit.

8. Staying married is a choice.

9. Hug a lot.

10. Date each other.

11. Make your life of intimacy a priority and don’t neglect each other. (What I’m trying to say is, “You need to have sex often.”)

12. Say “I love you,” every time you part.

13. Don’t go to bed angry, and I mean it!

14. Learn how he thinks and tell him how you think. Don’t expect him to be like you or think like you.

15. Affirm and validate each other. You should be his/her greatest fan!

16. Don’t keep secrets.

17. Forgive and then forgive again and then forgive again.

18.  Hold hands in public.

19. Don’t ever demean your spouse in  your conversations with others.

20. Guard your heart and your eyes. Don’t tread into grey areas.

21. Don’t sweat the small stuff like dirty socks and toothpaste and the toilet seat.

22. Love Jesus more than your spouse, so you can love your spouse like Jesus does.


5 thoughts on “22+22=44

  1. Tracie~ well said. Amen.
    You have multiple talents and we are lucky that you are willing to
    share them . Your honesty helps people feel more…..’normal.’
    You crack the cover of a ‘perfect life’ and show the beauty of an
    imperfect one…. thanks for taking us with you.
    I do miss you my dear cousin ….

    and Happy 44th

  2. In June my husband and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary..This all sounds so familiar to me!! Have we met before:))?
    And have wonderful birthday!!
    Happy birthday, happy Life!!
    Love from Poland!

  3. Yep Tracie- you should write a book. or two or three. One entitled “words and thoughts to live by” 😉

  4. Hi Tracie– I’m a 22+22=44, too! ….and our wedding dresses are pretty similar, and we have the same name…too sweet. if you are ever in Nashville we must meet! Happy Anniversary…and Birthday!! Love your heart!

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