I Wanna Hold Your Haaaaaand…. Or Maybe Not!

For those of you who don’t know it, the amazing Mr. Loux has been stay-at-home-dad-extraordinarre for the past 2 years. He rocks the job, let me tell you. Simply rocks it. He puts my stay-at-home-mom days to shame. He does all the awesome stuff like vacuuming, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and kid carting; and on top of it all, he loves me, makes sure I eat lunch and drink water, and tells me when it’s time to take a day off. He’s pretty much my all time favorite.

Well, ya know, there’s this thing called Summer Vacation when the kids don’t have school, and it just makes Mr. Loux’s job a whole bunch harder. I think just when we figure out how to do the Summer Vacation thing well, it will be time for school to start.

So yesterday in a brave attempt to get the kids out of the house for a couple of hours so I could answer the phone without it sounding like a daycare center full of strong willed kids in the background, the amazing Mr. Loux took them to the zoo.

When he got to the zoo, he unloaded them out of the truck and instructed them to hold hands.

They listen… most of the time.

He said, “Elia hold Aiden’s hand please.”

She complied.

Moments later she rants, “Oh gross, Aiden, your hand smells like puke!”

John grabs Aiden’s puke smelling hand and they march in to the zoo. They fed the birds, rode the carousel, missed the sea lion show (great tears), and had a mostly good time.

As John relays the tale to follow, he said to me, “Ya know Trace, I’ve learned that there is an ‘Obedience Scale,’ it goes from ‘No way am I going to obey you’ to ‘Over-obedience’.”

He then said, let me tell you about “Over Obedience….”

Our “Over-Obedient One” is a tattler, and she takes her tattling job very seriously. She also is a literal thinker. Extremely literally, and thus the problem that follows:

John gathered the kids as their time at the zoo came to an end and said, “Now listen. I need you guys to really obey. Momma is waiting for us at home. We need to all hurry back to the truck and get home right away.” (We had an appointment)

“Over-Obedient One”, obeyed immediately, literally, and at a rapid pace by taking off like a dart across the zoo grounds, headed straight for the entrance, to get to the truck in a hurry, just as she was told. John told me that she disappeared so fast, he literally couldn’t find her. He grabbed the other two, and they headed to find her. Thankfully, just a couple of minutes later, He found her.  A kind momma had spotted her and was about to take her to the “lost and found.”

Regrouping after reuniting with the “Over-Obedient One,” he instructed them to hold hands again as they were ready to cross the parking lot.

Elia spoke up in disgust, “Oh just great! I have to hold  the ‘Puke Hand’ again.”


4 thoughts on “I Wanna Hold Your Haaaaaand…. Or Maybe Not!

  1. Chapter ??, “A Day at the Zoo”, in the upcoming book! Keep writing, dear. . Mom and Dad

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