Family Tree

I have contemplated getting a tattoo for years, but knew I would never get one casually. I knew that if and when I did, it would have great meaning. This past year I decided the time was now. I met with an amazing tattoo artistic Whispering Danny, and if you remember this post, you may have had a clue at what I was up to.

Whether you’ve read this blog for weeks, months or even years,  you know that my children are priceless treasures to me, and that each one of them fill my life with so much beauty and joy. Each one is a miracle, created by the Father with masterful design. I am blessed.

I made the decision to have a family tree created on my back representing the deep love and commitment I have to these seven incredible beautiful works of art.

I didn’t have to think hard when I chose the dogwood to be the tree that represents my family. The story goes that when my parents were in college dating, they “broke up” for a season to be sure that they were “meant for each other.” The decision was made that “when the dogwood bloomed” they would get back together and see if their feelings for each other remained and whether they would commit to a future together. The dogwood bloomed and they said, “yes,” to beginning a beautiful journey that would lead to marriage.

My family heritage is rich and deep.

We love, we give, we care, we serve, and we grow.

I am rich in love.



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