My parents came for a visit last week. I am blessed beyond words with a rich heritage. My parents came to know Jesus when I was a little girl, and from the moment they said, “Yes,” they set their hearts to love Him, serve Him, and raise their family to follow Him. My parents have reflected steadfastness and faithfulness to me like no one else on this planet. They have blessed countless others as they reflect Jesus’ love in all that they say and do.

My mother has instilled in me a great appreciation for beauty. She makes everything around her beautiful with a grace and simplicity that is unique. It is because of my mother that I have learned to pay special attention to the little details. A bud vase with two simple wild flower stems. A spritz of lavender on linens. A hand written placard at a dinner table.

My mother has also reflected the power of communion with the Father. She faithfully and quietly has tended to her heart by soaking in His Word, journalling, and prayer and mediation. I strive to be more like her in this.

My father has never met a stranger. My husband teases me about this, as I have this in common with my dad for sure. My dad loves a challenge and can fix anything he sets his mind to fix. I have learned the art of conversation from my father. I have learned to change a lighting fixture, wire an electrical socket, patch sheet rock, and “Mickey Fix” all sorts of things in a pinch.

My father is steadfast in His walk with Jesus like no one I have ever know. I know that He surely has walked through both valleys and mountain tops, but through the highs and the lows, he has been faithful. I’m sure that daily the Father has a “well done” in His heart when He looks at my dad.

They are amazing grandparents. I am so blessed that my children have grandparents who love them and pray for them daily.

Proverbs 17:6 reads, “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”

I get this.

I see my parents glow at the sight of their grandchildren and hear the joy in their voices as they talk about them.They are indeed, crowned!

And I am so proud of my mom and dad, so blessed that to call them mine.



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