Update on Mattie

Mattie’s starting to feel better. It’s been a rough few days, and we truly appreciate your prayers. I’m so grateful that we left for the ER when we did. By the time we got there Monday, Mattie was working very hard to breathe and requiring a significant amount of additional respiratory support. (For those of you who have kiddos with respiratory issues, Mattie was retracting terribly with each breath, nasal flaring, head bobbing, the whole bit. He was on 10 liters of oxygen and only satting in the mid-80’s)

After some additional breathing treatments and switching him to the hospital ventilator on higher settings, he started to settle down. He was a very sick little boy though. They drew labs, did X-rays, started an IV… the whole bit. He was admitted shortly after.

We are GREATLY relieved that Mattie’s heart is doing well, and that the cause of his respiratory issues is NOT hear related.

At this point, they are feeling that it is a viral illness affecting his respiratory system. We’re not really 100% sure on that though. The good news is that he is back on full feeds and on his home ventilator again. I’m praying we go home tomorrow. REALLY PRAYING!

Please continue to pray for his healing and that we can get HOME SOON! We’re all pretty worn out. It has been a 3 week up and down battle with some type of illness or another, so we went into this completely fried. Last night I sat wondering how on early with manage 11 months of hospitalization last year. I know it was ALL GOD.


7 thoughts on “Update on Mattie

  1. We are relieved with you and we keep PRAYING for HEALING and that you may go HOME tomorrow!!

  2. I am sorry to hear about Mattie. I didn’t know he was having such a hard time the last few days. I will lift him up to the Father!

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