Prayers for Mattie Please

Mattie’s had a rough few weeks. He has struggled through some infections, viral type illnesses, and is just not doing so hot.

We see Cardiology tomorrow to check on his heart. The way he is acting and looking makes me wonder if things are not so terrific with his heart. His respiratory system is working hard- he’s requiring more oxygen to keep his sats up and he is visibly working harder to breathe.

We’re all super worn out and my own heart is weary too.

Please pray for us and ask God to give each one caring for Mattie wisdom to get to the bottom of this.

Momma and Mattie both pretty worn out. 


17 thoughts on “Prayers for Mattie Please

  1. So sorry Trac. I just listened to your interview with Randy on Saturday, and thank God for you. It was so nice to hear your voice. It has been too long. Praying you can get answers and rest. Love you friend.

  2. PRAYING Tracie!!!!! For you, for Mattie, and your family!!!!!
    If it will help I will put on a cheerleading outfit and start cheering! 🙂
    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

  3. praying my friend…for Mattie and his mama and papa. im so sorry you all are going through this, but so glad that he has you both.

  4. Sweet mama I am praying for your handsome guy. Give home lots of squeezes for us, do you need anything? I liv in Idaho but could send you dinner somehow or anything that could help you. I’m so sorry for your weariness 😦

  5. LIfting you all up in prayer! Praying for wisdom for the doctors and for rest for yur weary souls! Love you all!

  6. Praying for little mattie’s heart to be alive and every cell to thrive in Jesus’s healing!

  7. Praying for healing for Mattie and strength for his family. Kiss his sweet head for me! Hoping that today finds Mattie on the road to recovery.

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