Thank You Notes Are For Grandmas (…and perfect moms)

I wrote thank you notes to my Grandmas without fail. Why? Because my mom made me, and her mom made her. And then I was the weak link that failed to keep the time honored tradition of gratitude expressed on a handwritten four inch note card.

It’s not because I don’t want to or because I don’t care. I do.

I care a lot.

I have a grateful heart every day of my life. It just seems that the space between sincere gratitude and putting a pen in my hand is huge, and gets filled up with changing diapers, cooking dinner, answering emails, kissing skinned knees, helping with math problems, tending to sick kids, and sheer exhaustion.

But I am thankful.

I am grateful to every one of you who have followed our journey this past 17 months, or 3 years, or 5 years, or for a lifetime! You have no idea how grateful I am.

For every $5.00 donation to our adoption fund, for every $500 gift, and to those of you crazy enough to dish out $5,000 because you believe that a life redeemed is a good investment.

I am grateful for every pot of soup when I was too sick to take care of my family, every pan of calzones because you made “extra”, every dinner delivered when feeding my family was the last thing I could mange to do.

I am grateful for baby clothes washed and shipped with love, and hand knit wool socks sent from half way around the world.

I am grateful for cards and letters from children 100’s of miles away. I’m grateful for gift cards and unexpected cash.

I am grateful for surprise grocery deliveries and for a cup of coffee brought to my door step on a Saturday morning with love.

I am grateful for diapers and wipes and having my carpets cleaned.

I am grateful for electrical sockets repaired and a new door installed.

I am grateful for friends who love my Littles and cared for them often when we couldn’t be two places at once.

I am grateful for hospital visitors who showed up just when I couldn’t take the loneliness anymore, and visitors on my doorstep who came to celebrate life and take my breath away!

I am grateful for the love of sisters and would be sisters.

I am grateful for friends near and far who were faithful to text or call just in the knick of time.

I am grateful for the van that sits in my driveway, given by many with love that is unimaginable.

I am grateful to nurses who loved beyond measure, and treated us like family. I am grateful for the wisdom and understanding of compassionate physicians. I am grateful to the surgeon whose skillful hands sewed my son’s heart back together and saved his life.

I bought a huge box of thank you notes before Mattie was born.  I carried it in my hospital bag for months, but in the midst of the most traumatic 11 months of my life, I only managed to write a handful of them.

I have missed thanking many people. So, so many people.

I am sorry.

But my heart is full of thanks!


One thought on “Thank You Notes Are For Grandmas (…and perfect moms)

  1. I think most people agree- we are THANKFUL that your Mattie is doing sooo very well!!! 🙂 The best card ever is when you post pics of your beautiful family!!!

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