Love Heals

I’ve seen miracles in my life.

The kind where you pour on heavy doses of love and children grow, heal, learn, and even come out of emotional caves.

I’ve seen them with my very own eyes.

In my own home.

Love heals.

We were created to love. Created to reflect the love of the One who first loved us. His love in us has the potential to bring incredible healing.

Yesterday Mattie went to the doctor for his regular monthly check up. He had gained over 3 pounds in a month. After being stuck at 15-16 pounds for literally months and months, Mattie came home, and he began to grow…. and grow. After almost 6 months of being home he is now 23 pounds 4 ounces. He has gain 8 pounds in 6 months! He has gotten stronger and stronger and every month his ventilator settings are decreased. He is rolling over and over and over. He is lifting up his head, starting to push up on his knees, sitting with just a little support.

He plays.

He laughs.

He sings.

Six months of LOVE surrounded by a family in a home full of peace and joy. (Well…. not all the time, but we try!)

And Mattie is THRIVING!










Once again photos courtesy of the kind and talented Aaron James at Side Street Photography


5 thoughts on “Love Heals

  1. Oh my word he’s darling! Getting so big, too!

    I can’t get enough of him in glasses! Little professor!

  2. I love the looks of love in all of these pic’s! You have such beautiful precious kiddos!! Hope I get to meet you all one day, on this side of Heaven! đŸ˜€

    And I can also attest to how Love truly does heal & help kids to grow too! Our current foster kiddo has grown and thrived just since coming to live with us back in December! And am loving that people like his therapist and doctors have seen the overall changes and tell me about them! God is so awesome & good to us!

  3. Ahhhhh I want to scream for all the cute. I was sitting there clapping like a little kid when Aaron showed me the pictures. You’re family is just the best.

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