Aiden is SIX!

Today is our boy’s 6th Birthday!

We celebrated his 3rd birthday in Ukraine! CLICK HERE

His 4th birthday was full of JOY! HERE AT HOME!

And his 5th birthday looked like THIS! 

And this year my little man turns SIX. He is a perfectly wonderful young man, full of life and joy, he loves to snuggle and wrestle. He can sneak a cheese stick out of the frig without anyone taking notice. He’s a spectacular big brother to Mattie. He can make me laugh like no one else.

And so that you can get a glimpse into the JOY of life with AIDEN, I’m so happy to share this video photo shoot courtesy of my beautiful friend Dorean Beattie who has started a project called The Aiden Project, capturing individuals with Down syndrome through photography and sharing the beauty, passion, and potential their lives hold.

Visit Dorean’s BLOG HERE. and keep an eye on THE AIDEN PROJECT (a work in progress)


2 thoughts on “Aiden is SIX!

  1. I’ve never met you Tracie, but I found your wonderful blog through Randy Bohlender and I found his blog through a long time friend, Susan Tyrrell! After reading your blog I have fallen in love with your precious kiddo’s!! Aiden seems like such a breath of fresh air! And that smile of his melts my heart! I hope and pray we get to meet face to face here on earth, because I really feel like at some point God wants me to become an adoption consultant. And I have no idea how that’s gonna happen or when, but I do know it will be God blessed and driven when it does!! Just like all of your wonderful adoptions have been and the ones that you have worked so tirelessly to aid in! 😀

    Here’s to another wonderful year of sweet Aiden’s life, and to many many more!!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Happy Happy “6th” Birthday, Aiden! What a precious gift you are, Aiden! Everyone needs a little boy, just like you! I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things that Jesus has planned for this next year in your life! You are SO loved by lots & lots of people. I Love You!

    Oh, Tracie, you must have cried when you saw this video! I did! Your son is gorgeous! (All of them are!!) And, your Girls, too. I feel so Blessed to be able to watch your children grow into all that God wants them to be. I am so touched by the changes in the photos of Aiden’s 3rd Birthday (he looked like a baby!) to seeing him in his 6th Birthday photo. Little Brother has been Blessed with an amazing, loving family. Thanks, so much, for sharing your babies with us. Love ~ Jo

    P.S. Very creative and fun photo shoot, Dorean!!

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