Family Love Day

It had been a few years since we celebrated Valentine’s Day properly, so I was determined to do it right this year. I had so much fun planning and preparing our celebration.  About half way through a lovely candlelight dinner, I said, “We need to do this monthly. We need a Family Love Day!”  I presented my idea and everyone wholeheartedly agreed.
So I propose that  you all consider….. FAMILY LOVE DAY
It’s simple.
Cook an extra nice dinner. (Even work together to plan and cook a special meal.)
Decorate the table. (Perhaps pick a theme and get everyone involved in making decorations.)
Give gifts to each other. (Draw names from a hat the week before so that everyone is prepared to give their “person” a gift.)
Gift ideas: the gift of words (letters, pictures, or song), gift of time or service via a gift homemade gift card, a hand made gift, a white elephant gift, a dollar store gift…. Get creative and have fun!
And then enjoy a Family Activity: a dance party, a game night, a scavenger hunt, a family Skype visit with out-of-town relatives. When the weather is nice: an evening walk, chalk drawing on the sidewalk together, a back yard field day, a camp fire….whatever you do, make it about quality time together.
This Valentine’s Day we had a Justin Beiber Dance Party….
And maybe end the night with something sweet. (If you’re like us dessert is NOT the norm!)
And I wouldn’t DREAM of ending this post without sharing these two photos with you. Just because….
So let me know how you do! If you have a “Family Love Day” in March, please blog about it and send me the link via email (tracie@christianadoptionconsultants.com). If you don’t blog, then email me your story with a photo.
 Title your email “Family Love Day” and maybe I’ll share a few of your great ideas next month!

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