God Gets Muddy

Today my kids got muddy. I mean REALLY muddy.

Throw out Emma’s socks muddy.

Can’t see Elia’s toes muddy.

Chunks falling off Aiden’s hands muddy.

I watched with joy in my heart and let them enjoy it.

And then I cleaned them up. In the middle of clean up, Elia said, “Mommy, I’m so sorry we got all muddy.” To which I replied,  “Oh, Elia, I’m not upset at all. You had fun! Sometimes it’s ok to just play in the mud.”

She looked at me momentarily puzzled, and then just beamed!

After they were all cleaned up, I pulled out an old post from the blog and showed them some pictures of when they were just tiny little stinkers playing in the mud, and when we got to the bottom of the post, there was a photo of my feet.

My muddy feet.

They were shocked.

“Mommy feet all muddy.” said Emma.

“Why are your feet all muddy?” Elia asked.

I replied, “I was playing in the mud with you that day.  We had so much fun!”

Elia took it all in for a moment and then declared, “Mommy got her feet all muddy with us because she’s the best Mommy in the world.”

The “Best Mommy in the Whole World?”


Because I played in the mud?

I played in the mud. I entered their world and played. Enjoying them. Loving them. Letting them discover and experience joy in the simplicity of mud without judging them, criticizing them, or correcting them.

God gets muddy. He gets down in the dirt and loves you.

He’s not bothered by your mess. He loves who you are, and He loves watching you enjoy the world. He’s not looking for you to be all cleaned up and perfect. He’s not shocked by your dirty feet or the silly little things that make you happy.

He’s willing to hold your mud caked hand.

He even wiggles his toes in the wet earth right along with you, enjoying the beauty of it all.

So today as you think about God and wonder what He thinks of you, maybe you’ll find yourself saying, “God got His feet all muddy, because He’s the best Daddy in the whole world!”


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