“You Better Find Somebody to Love”

“Don’t you want somebody to love.

Don’t you need somebody to love.

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love.

You better find somebody to love.”

– Jefferson Airplane

We all want to love and be loved. Deep at the heart of the every human being is the aching desire to love and be loved.

Love is a messy thing though because loving means taking a risk, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t be hurt by taking a risk, loving well, and then just having things go plain ‘ole wrong. True love pushes through pain and disappointment. True love is faithful when everything else is screaming, “QUIT!”

I have known my share of disappointment, but I have also seen the power of faithful, enduring, never-giving up love. I’ve so grateful that I’ve been tough enough to push through, and wise enough see the value of a love that grows deeper through adversity.

Today is a day about LOVE. Some of you out there cringe at the sight of red hearts and teddy bears and the bouquets of long stemmed roses on every corner in nearly every store- I cringe too.

Vicky Beeching wrote a poignant blog post yesterday about her struggle with Valentine’s Day. In her posts she brings out the point that there are four different kinds of love:  Storge (affection/fondness between family or acquaintances), Phileo (friendship), Eros(intimate/romantic) and Agape (the love of God). Every single one of those “loves” were created by God and is worth celebrating today.

Valentine’s Day at our house has always been about family love. John and I NEVER get a sitter and go out to dinner. The past few years have been hard. Trip to Ukraine in 2009, a ministry trip in 2010, and Mattie in the NICU in 2011. So with three years of very un-magical Valentine’s Days around here, this year will be a year to make up for it! I can’t wait to decorate the table, cook a special meal for my family, and give little gifts of love to each one.

And today, I’m determined to love others and to look for those who need to feel loved today. I will find somebody(s) to love.

You should too.

I encourage each one of us to reach beyond our own borders and find someone who needs love today.  I don’t think you’ll have to look hard. Give an encouraging word, a good 20 second hug, buy someone a cup of coffee, surprise someone with chocolate…

In a world screaming for us to turn our full attention on Eros (intimate/romantic) love today, let us not forget the deep value of Storge (affection/fondness between family/friends) and Phileo (friendship) love. And please above all else, find someone to shower with some true Agape (love of God) love today.

Come on now, “You Better Find Somebody to Love.”


3 thoughts on ““You Better Find Somebody to Love”

  1. So thankful here for 9 little someones to love and an AMAZING hubby to love and who love me so much! AMEN for GOD’s EVEN MORE AMAZING LOVE that covers all our inadequacies that make our love imperfect.

    Have fun with the loves of your life today!!!

  2. I just wanted to tell you that you blessed my sox off sending me that picture of gerbers. i really do love them. but the fact that you noticed my little bitty comment on your FB post about them and then took the time to send me a pic of gerbers really did show me love. little demonstrations of love always go so much further than the big demonstrative, obvious showings don’t you think? i know that the Father has stretched your heart to love more deeply in the past few difficult years. i know that He has proven Himself faithful to you and John thru all that you have been thru. I am ever encouraged by your transparency and honesty in your trials. Thank you for loving others. thank you for loving those who no one wanted to love. thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and extending love to those both near and far. thank you for loving me and being a far away friend. you are a treasure, tracie. consider yourself hugged, and squished, and loved by me in PA!
    you were a means of grace to me today…a small extension of His great love toward me.

  3. Tracie, Valentines Day has always been about loving and showing love in our family too! And then the hubby & I celebrate, just us, a day or so later. Not always, but as our kids got older we did. Now, our kiddo’s are 21 & 20 and our latest foster kid is 2 1/2 and today I also had our previous foster kid in tow to help her mommy out (she was re-intergrated on Dec 23rd), and she’s 19 mos old. It’s like starting all over again…lol! But I’m loving every minute of it! And now, I really treasure those special moments I get to spend alone with my wonderful husband! He’s so good to me and works hard so I can be home with our foster kiddos! Thanks for sharing your passion & love for kids! 😀

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