A Joyous Christmas

As you can imagine, we are celebrating Christmas this year with an incredible amount of JOY in our hearts that our sweet Matthias is HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.
Everything around here seems more precious, more magical, and more joyous.
We are full of thanksgiving for all that the Lord has carried us through this year and have great anticipation for His continued goodness in the year to come.

We hold unswervingly to the hope that we profess because He who promised is indeed Faithful! (Hebrews 10:23) And He will complete all that he began in us. (Phil.1:6)

Celebrating the Love and Kindness of God

and the gift of Redemption

that has been given to each of us

through the Life of His Son Jesus.

The Loux Family

John and Tracie

Nicholas, Taylor, Isabelle, Aiden, Emma, Elia, and Matthias


2 thoughts on “A Joyous Christmas

  1. I love this picture. Just thought I would check in on the Loux crew. Hope you are all doing well. Thinking of you often!

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