Santa is everywhere. We don’t make a big deal about him at all around our house. Our kids don’t expect Santa to come down the chimney that we don’t have. They don’t write a list with dreams that he will read it and fulfill their hearts desire. I’m not anti-Santa. I’m just very pro-Jesus.

Jesus Christ our Redeemer, the one who came as a baby, walked among us as a real Man becoming familiar with all of the struggles of this life, and then gave His very life so that I could be set free and welcomed into His family, deserves to be worshipped and adored. Christmas is a celebration of His life and the many gifts that He has given to each of us. It is a precious time of year where we marvel at the miracle of His life.

I give gifts to my children because I love them. I give to them out of a grateful heart for each life that the Father has entrusted to me. The gifts that I give to my children feel much like “Thank You Gifts to Jesus.”  As I pour my love out on my children through gifts that show them that they are loved and known, I feel such a sweet sense of worship flow out of my heart to the feet of the King of all Kings.

My children were surprised this year by a wonderful local organization that asked if they could send Santa to our house with gifts. They had chosen several families in the area who had medically fragile, homebound children.

So Santa came.

He came into my living room and gave to my children.

They were full of joy and gratitude. Emma said more times than I can count, “Thank you Santa. I love this!”

What a sweet memory this will be for my children, but not one that will remove their eyes from the reason that we celebrate.

Elia, who as you can see from the photos declared herself to be “too shy,” said later, “How did he know I liked horses? I can’t believe Santa knew I liked horses.”

Oh sweet girl, Santa knew you liked horses because Jesus who knows you from the inside out gave you a Momma who loves you from the inside out and cares about your heart’s desires.



7 thoughts on “Santa

  1. the picture of your family is beautiful, and we do teach our kids they reason they recieve gifts at Christmas is because people gave gifts to Jesus when he was born to honor him and that is the reason for gifts on Christs Birthday

  2. This is one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read. My heart needed this so much this season.

  3. Oh my Aiden looks like the worlds cutest, jolliest elf (the picture on Santa’s knee). I think of your family a lot. My husband and I are doing paperwork for our Ethiopian adoption. I would love to have a family like yours some day. We have the first three 🙂 God Bless this Christmas and 2012!

  4. We are foster parents hoping to adopt through the foster system, and due to getting a new placement on the 20th….I’m just now catching up on my blog suubscriptions. I really enjoyed reading this post, even thoughsodue ble Christmas has come & gone! 😀 Mattie reaching for Aiden in the last photo is too cute! I also love that his little sockless foot is streached out to Aiden too! You’re family is so beautiful and I love that you share them with your readers, so we can be blessed by them too! 😀

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