Fairy Princess in Puddle Boots

I was one of those little girls that liked to dress up and put on plays or dance performances, so it just brings me so much joy when my darling Elia Jane insists on being a “Fairy Princess in Puddle Boots” on a lovely, sunny Saturday.

I adore this feisty, strong willed, opinionated little girl with all my heart. I pray often for grace and understanding to help her become all that God created her to be.

Along with all the sass and sauciness comes a tender, beautiful sweetness that just melts me. I marvel at the way God wove her together and breathed His creativity and life into her tiny frame.

My darling girl, sure you can wear your fairy princess costume and your puddle boots today. Turn in your toes, and let me soak in  your chunky knees, the dimples on your knuckles, and the tiny curl of your lips when you smile. For the rest of my life I will delight in you my sweet daughter, Elia Jane.


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