Special Visitors

I know that there have been 100’s if not 1000’s of people praying for Mattie this year! When we are blessed to meet some of the faithful people who have literally “lifted” our arms when we were too worn to even know how to pray, I feel like I am meeting family.

Matt and Marie Richards and their children Jaycie and James were able to visit today. I ran into them at a coffee shop one night this week and they were here visiting from Florida. They looked up at me as I poured my coffee cream with a sort of “I recognize you” look in their eyes and said, “Are you Mattie’s Mom?” (I should mention I haven’t been to this coffee shop in almost a year, and I am almost NEVER out of the house at night.)

Come to find out their family had been following our journey and praying for Mattie this entire year! They asked if I would meet their children and I joyfully said yes. As I walked over, I held out a picture of Mattie on my phone and said, “Do you know who this is?” They grinned and said, “That’s MATTIE.” I said, “Do you know who I am?” They said, “YOU’RE MATTIE’S MOM!” Jaycie, Matt and Marie’s daughter, has Down syndrome. She eloquently spoke to me, and was just beaming as we talked about Mattie. As I started to leave I asked them how long they were in town visiting. When I realized that they would be around for a few more days, I whispered to Jaycie, “Would you like to come meet Mattie?” She nearly fell off her stool with excitement. She said, “I am going to be so excited about this. This is going to be amazing.”

I was thrilled to have them come visit today.

Jaycie said over and over again, “I am so happy. This is wonderful. It’s not just a story anymore. It’s real!”

She held Mattie and was just beaming the whole time. She said, “He’s so handsome. He’s just so handsome!”

Mattie took to Marie right away and kept stroking her face. It was just priceless.

Matt and Marie sat on the couch with Mattie and just kept praying blessings over him and loving on him. He kept flashing them his award winning smile and was soaking up all the love.

Mattie’s attire for the day was his Cardinal’s jersey (a gift from my sister Tara). Please note that he is sporting Albert Pujols #5. We love the work of the Pujols Family Foundation, and all that they do supporting families who have children with Down syndrome. The Pujols Family Foundation was instrumental in helping Mattie’s birthmom find the adoption agency in St. Louis that in turn connected us with Mattie. If you’re interested in reading more of their story, please read Deidre Pujols story of how she and Albert met in Kansas City, and the REMARKABLE STORYof Albert’s commitment to Deidre’s daughter who has Down syndrome.

And let’s just close by saying that Mattie is HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL, and we are so very very BLESSED to have had the love and support for many families just like the Matt and Marie Richards and their beautiful children!

2 thoughts on “Special Visitors

  1. Oh Tracie, thanks so much for sharing this story with your readers!! I often wonder if we will get to meet your precious family. We love Mattie and all of your sweet kiddo’s! And pray for you all often! I LOVED seeing these amazing pictures of Mattie meeting these truly wonderful people! And I love the pic of Mattie stroking Marie’s face the most!!

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