Celebrating Mattie (part 2)

Birthday Cake #1

Birthday Cake #2

Big Sister Elia Jane

Big Sister Emma Anastasia

PROUD Big Brother Aiden Joseph

Amazing Big Brother John Taylor

The Gorgeous Big Sister Isabelle Josephine (and Mattie with orange icing on his lips!)

And the crazy head boys! Aiden and Nick, with the one and only girlfriend, Amy, who Aiden SHARES with Nick!

Nana (John’s mom) with her precious Mattie Boy!

My Mom (Mimaw) having some sweet gazing time with her grandson.

A little Momma snuggle time and a sweet snooze before our big party!

Too cute for words.
The End!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Mattie (part 2)

  1. I absolutely love the pictures you share with us. They are all wonderful, but the one of you and Mattie snuggling on the couch – oh, my! Dorean knows how to capture the moment. Love the pictures of parents, siblings and grandparents, too. You can feel the love surrounding the birthday boy.

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