Brochures Available “Teaching Your Children to Show Love and Respect to Children with Special Needs”

Cover of Brochure

Interior of Brochure

View of the back panel with the cover.

You may print brochures on your own IF you PROMISE to print them in COLOR and share with me that you printed and disbursed some!  USE THIS LINK TO GET THE PDF FOR PRINTING


14 thoughts on “Brochures Available “Teaching Your Children to Show Love and Respect to Children with Special Needs”

  1. Hi Tracie,

    I am from a non-profit organisation in Australia called The Babes Project (www.thebabesproject.com https://www.facebook.com/thebabesproject). We met with Randy Bohlender at the Together for Adoption conference in Texas last year and were greatly encouraged by him and the Zoe Foundation.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and love this brochure you’ve put together! I was wondering if you would mind if we printed some copies from the pdf so that we may have some available in our Pregnancy Support Centre? The Babes Project is also hosting Together for Adoption Australia in a couple of weeks and we’d love to have some there too. It’s such a great resource you’ve put together to help families navigate these issues.

    Thanks so much!


  2. Tracie, I’ve printed a couple to show my pastor, hoping he’ll let me add them to our church brochure rack. So far he hasn’t been receptive to any of our suggestions (like doing something for adoption day, or allowing dancing & banners during worship), but he may be more receptive to this. If he says yes I’ll order them from you. I love the brochure – so anointed!

  3. little technical problem – the front and back aren’t lining up properly for me, so it’s not possible to fold it so the columns land correctly on both sides. When you print them do they come out right?

  4. Hi Tracie,
    I came across this wonderful brochure that you’ve made while on Facebook.
    My beautiful four year old daughter is getting ready to start preschool at a new school this year, as we have just moved. This elementary school has not had a child in a wheelchair as a student in a while. My daughter will be in a general education classroom this year. As a result of all these changes she will be the only one in her school in a wheelchair. Would it be alright if I printed up a handful of color copies from your pdf file for her school?
    This is such a fantastic design and idea that you’ve come up with.
    Stephanie Beane

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