Birthday Eve

It is the night before Mattie’s birthday. All I can think of is how grateful I am that this little boy is my son, and how amazed I am that we made it! The Lord has carried us through this year with His sweet grace calming our hearts and His strong right arm holding us up. His grace truly is sufficient and His power is indeed made perfect in our weakness. I am living proof of that.

Tomorrow will be a celebration of a life that is a miracle. The hand of God protected, delivered, redeemed, healed, rescued, and restored my sweet son over and over and over again. It is what God does. Many times this past year, I wondered if we would ever celebrate this day. Yes, fear gripped my heart more than once, and my head entered into a swirl of anxiety, complete with the horrifying movie in my brain that ended in pain and loss. Many times, I asked the Lord to silent the storm in my mind and bring peace. He did.

A year ago, we were full of anticipation, waiting for Mattie to be born. Full of dreams and ideas of who he would be and what he would become. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the journey that would follow. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be utterly blown away by the most incredible little boy in the whole wide world.

Happy Birthday Eve, Mattie Boy! Momma loves you!


6 thoughts on “Birthday Eve

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CUTEST BABY BOY IN THE WORLD!!!! Love you sooo very very much Mattie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember a year ago…your mommy would say – ok Mattie today would be a great day for you to come to me…….that happened for at least 2 weeks – right? He he he……oh the COMPLETE JOY that filled us all the day you were born!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you my child are such a HUGE MIRACLE THERE ARE NO OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR LIFE!!!! It is all GOD!!!!!!!!! And there is nothing more beautiful, more awe inspiring, more incredible than that!!!!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Mattie. You bring such inspiration to life. Joy unspeakable to you and your amazing family

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