I thought of a clever post title last night but I forgot to write it down….

We were home for 12 days. It was a beautiful 12 days.

We are back in the hospital.

Mattie has been teething like a mad man. He is cutting 9 teeth at once, last count. He has had a very low grade fever with his teething issues.

But on Friday he started loosing a lot of fluid from the drainage vent on his JGtube (it’s kind of like his burp valve). We took him in to radiology on Saturday to make sure the JGtube was properly placed internally. Everything appeared to be in order, so we came home. He continued to have excess drainage even to the point where his meds coming out the Gport (kind of like when your sick child is throwing up and can’t even keep tylenol down).  By Sunday morning, his fever was 102 and then an hour later up to 103.8.

Because the tylenol wasn’t staying in, we couldn’t manage the fever. Additionally, we could not give his super important heart and thyroid medications because we would have lost those as well. We also were concerned that he was getting dehydrated.

The high fever and the excess drainage necessitated a trip to the ER.

He needed an IV to get rehydrated (he had lost a lot of fluids and was showing signs of dehydration). He also needed the IV in order to give medications.

Because needed an IV, he had to be admitted back to the PICU.

So here were are. I’m so grateful this appears to just be a typically childhood GI bug, and we’re praying for a very short stay this time.

It is not the same without our boy in the house. The kids are all so sad to have him gone again. Poor Aiden woke up crying for his “Bababee!”

Pray for our boy to get well and get home!



8 thoughts on “I thought of a clever post title last night but I forgot to write it down….

  1. I can very much relate to this. What a blessing those 12 days were, indeed. We have learned to treasure each day our boy is home. Praying Mattie a very fast recovery and return home!

  2. Praying and believing that this bump in the road will be quickly overcome and that the Loux family will be under one roof again very soon. Kiss the sweet boy’s head for me. : )

  3. Praying for sweet Mattie and the whole family! It is hard to have an important member of the family missing. Especially when the younger ones have a hard time understanding why.

  4. Hi Tracie! I am praying for your sweet Mattie.
    Thanks for all of the great updates.
    I read how appreciative you are to have your wonderful John (and he is), but your are an amazing gift as well to honor and bless him. Well done!
    He married well too! =)

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